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English [Auto] This module we're going to talk about well drivers weights well or have two types of weight and an implicit weight and explicit weight. And we're going to look at those in this module. So most of the time when you're running your test most of the actual and fake errors or fake failures are due to timing. Basically we're reversing element not found even though you know the element is there. And usually it's because the driver is looking for that element before the element is there and a lot of times this happens because of Paychex most of Web sites and web pages are using AJAX these days. Ajax is a Jera script and it is basically loading more elements onto the page so the main page loads and web everything's OK. Pages let me go ahead and do what I need to do. But then Ajax keep adding stuff to to the page and we're not going to know that unless you tell a driver to wait for something to happen. OK so let's look at an example of a page I just created that uses Ajax. So we have this page refresh very quick. We have this page and I have this button when I click on it it goes to another page so these pages are loaded already. As you can see it's not spinning. Everything is loaded. But then this picture shows up after some time and I made it so it shows up after four seconds. Actually there's a little snippet I found which is really nice. So I put in a delay and there's four four 4000 milliseconds is four seconds so the page the picture shows up four seconds after the actual page loaded. So when web driver doesn't know that. OK. So let's run this test. And just to show you this element here is he has an I.D. called the low image. OK that's an idea. So there we go to our code and if we run it so what this is doing important work driver create the classic red object go to your room. This is a holster from my local machine and find it given by id and click on it and then once you click on that link find him and buy I.D. again which is the image and then print with it and I finally found them. Well this is wrong this time but you will see why. So I run it clicked and as soon as it clicked and we got an error why does the error say no such elements found. And we're looking for Abidi and ID is there. We know for a fact but it's saying it didn't find it. Who knows. But the error came up as soon as the page loaded that if I go back and open it the picture is there now. Right. The error showed up before the picture even showed up. That's because there is a delay. So a driver has a function called implicitly wait. So what we will do is we will add code here usually you want to add it right before you create the order before you create. Right after you create the object and say driver that implicitly wait five seconds. OK. So you can add anything actually you can use it you would like to keep it at 30 seconds to why it it is not going to wait 30 seconds is going to keep checking for that element or whatever as opposed to that was going to keep trying every half a second so twice a second it will try keep trying keep trying until it finds what it needs. Or 30 seconds has passed. OK. So he finds what it needs. It's not going to find what it needs in five seconds. It's not going to wait another 25 seconds. He's going to just keep going. OK. So one thing you could have done is you can put a pirate on just to sleep here you can make this you know it's going to take a few seconds for this to load right. Then you can put Ok sleep for five seconds and continue. But what happens is sometimes your network connection is fast. Sometimes it's slow. You never know how long this is going to take. So you would end up waiting five seconds unnecessarily re my friend element in one second but you wait for seconds so you just wasted basically three seconds. You wasted three seconds so you don't want to do that. But when you put implicitly wait wait for it every half a second it will check and wait for it so this renders OK. The picture showed up. There you go. I went in I found the funding which means it went past this step which means they found it because we had implicitly way even though the page had finished loading web drivers going to check. And when it can find it it's not going to fail it's going to keep checking it knows. We told her to wait in prison for 30 seconds and keep checking. So in all your scripts you should put in prison the way at the beginning of your script or Usually you would have a configuration or a set up file and you would run before every test and you would put it in there. That's how it implicitly works implicitly wait works. And let's look at how explicit the word explicitly weight works. OK. So for explicitly weight you would have to import a couple things. First you have to import the Daigo drive that awaits class. Then you would have to wait. You have to import. Sorry you would have to import this. That's not a copy paste. Same thing. OK you would have to import expected conditions. So what's different about explicit way is you're going to tell the driver to explicitly wait for something to happen which means you have to code it every time. Ok now I'm waiting for this image to to appear so I'm going to say explicitly wait this long for this to appear then after five minutes I'm waiting for something else. I'm going to have to explicitly say to wait. So every time I need something to wait I don't have to explicitly specify which means I'll have to keep writing this discord. And you don't want to do that. That's why I prefer implicitly wait and most people do prefer implicitly wait unless you run into a situation you have to do explicitly way so to quickly show you an example clickable. And let's get let's get rid of this two lines. Now what we will do is this add this line here and this and this line there so basically I'm saying that image equals I don't know I don't really need to do that. That web driver wait. So I'm using this class here we're driving away. Driver ten seconds 10 seconds until expected condition. Presence of all elements located the same expected condition has allowed a lot of options. Maybe I can show you the two now expected dot see how you can wait for all these things to happen. Expected condition title is entirely contained in an index instead to be element to be clickable we can wait for it to be critical. All of that and explore that module and this is really what you need. You have. You will find it inside the driver support. So basically what I'm saying is wait for presence of all elements located by id and this is the ID and wait for 10 seconds. So it's not going to wait for our full 10 seconds is basically going to be the same thing is going to wait until it finds it up to 10 seconds maximum 10 seconds. OK so let's run this this should also work at the end of the picture showed up as that picture showed up. Then this text printed which means it went past the line no errors. So this is how you use explicit way back. I mean think about it you have to add all these lines to be able to use it and you have to do it every single time. But if you do Drever impressively wait maybe I should have come into this job because that didn't really prove anything. Let's run this again real quick. All right. So here's how I use weights. We will have that implicit and explicit weight and my recurring recommendation is to use implicit weight as much as you can because you only have to quarter ones in day. It's applicable for the entire script. It's.