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End to End Integration : Selenium - Maven - Git - Jenkins

Code Management using GIT, Build trigger using Jenkins

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English [Auto] Welcome to the word Sunday session I'll show you how we can execute the bird from the Jenkin's some before that. I just want to click on this job that we have created in the previous section. I'll go to the considerations. I will be sure contributions again. So here we have seen we have just said the source code management we are picking up from the cake and my credentials and at the bottom we have set to build. So we won't break this Bombarnac cement which exists in this project. One thing that I need to bear here are moving forward. We need to build back what's left here in compete complete but we need to go backwards on me. So I'm just a betting bet. And as of now we are not using any bobblehead. Like I'm not generating any reports and I'm not sending any e-mails. I'm just doing the basic contradictions and running it. So I say now move into the next ball and that's my job. I just want to remix the hammerin button every click on the red button. So executional started Hariya get this execution status. Just click on this automation job and this job. So here you are again you're going to get up on the console up and click on the console port. So here it would show the console in which all the locks on the display so as of now it will see it from the start. First it is getting the code from get home. Then it is executing mightest. So here we can see a browser Star-K and that's what we like to do. And as we remember we have pre-tested says so it will execute all the previous cases here. So that's my second test case. We just like to get in and get there and it the good at her desk. So all the best things that we hear in the project all of this are going to be a good one here. So finally we have executed our automation framework from the Jenkin's advocacy at the bottom. So it shows that all the divisions done Krieger's. This is not failure. And is stuck with the success rate. So if I go through the project again so I click on the Veterans project and hair shows like Real means success and successfully exit. If I click on this burn and you want to check test results so here we are getting this. That's a third option. They click on the testers are not centered in this current burn dawdled the best guess is that executives and leaders and I'll freely admit I'll show you an example like I want with the same product again and this time I want to make some failure I'll show you how to make one that's just Filiale. I'm going to the back of the project and here on the project level we can execute this Bernie Sanders executing it and here it will start execution. So I framed one best guess I'm just going to controller for by men only closing the browser. So once I close the browser it will not be able to open the door from that particular desk and victory. So I show you how we can create this stuff and then I'll tell you what is the result of that. So now it has started. Brothers doing the this case and I only closed the browser had another and I just managed to close it. So now that gets one will be freed I just mentally closed it and here it is getting so over the three times I have manually closed the browser. So that gives a way and I want to show you revel in that case. So let me finish first. And then I show you the birth status so it shows honesty will build because prove that I been paid. And if I go to my project level virtual students here we are getting some failures. And there's a graph that is generating so here shows like out of three this time to this it has been created before it was on the No. 4 It was no opinion on the desk. Now in Bill number why there is two failure of this case. And if we talk about the passcode so in Berlin I'm up for three years. But in beldam apply only one that has passed. And if you want to compare the latest best results I just click on this lei and it shows. Now it is having two failure cases which are the difference plus two means. Previously we do not have any period. Now we have two thirds of today which are in between that period. And again it shows lay over the three root failure here. So what are the parts and will save us. Edwidge Yohane that Ronald in I'm going to dashboard here. We'll see how we can execute our best guesses from Jenkyns how we can end life that is at home and that is a pivotal part of wealth. What is the status of the current market as compared to the previous brand. So everything we can take it all share in next session. I'll show you how we get our data. And I think we could build on the updated code so I'll show you that part in the next session. So here in the section we have exiguous we have successfully included selenium or mentioned products from the Jenkins. That's all we have for the session Passhe watching this we.