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SEO advice is everywhere on the internet, some good and some bad. How do you know which is which? That's why I carried out a 3 month long niche site SEO project, launching and ranking a completely new site in a popular 'novel writing' niche. These are the results of the SEO techniques described in this course.

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English On Page SEO : SEO Techniques : SEO Tutorial. Now we're going to see how my site progressed through the rankings. I purchased the site on April 4th 2018 and started to build it just a few days later. For this case study I needed a means of tracking up to 100 key words. For this purpose I used the software called Serpfox.com and it cost $10 a month to track 100 keywords. This is the only time that I used a paid service at any time to rank my site. This is not strictly necessary. My strategy was to identify 100 key words closely related to my site content and to track them regularly, as I added content to the site. It's important to get your posts indexed in Google so I added the site to Google Search console and added the site map. There's a free plugin for Wordpress to generate the sitemap. You simply upload it to Google Search console to get the ball rolling. From this point on Google search bots will crawl your site regularly as you add content. You can also check how many posts are indexed in Google using this console You'll notice that there'll be more URLs indexed than there are posts on your site. This is normal, as it takes into account category pages and also tags. Tags are treated as separate. URLs Some experts say that tags shouldn't be overused, as it can lead to duplicate content penalty from Google search. I haven't found this. And anyway it doesn't make sense. Google search is sophisticated enough to understand that tag URLsdo not constitute intentional use of content to duplication. It's just the result of a content management system such as Wordpress. Even though Google may show a certain number of URLs, it may not decide to show all of them in search results. For example, currently my site has over sixteen hundred or so URLs indexed. But if I use the site: command for Google search, it shows considerably less. Five hundred ninety, or so. Even so, there are many more than the number of posts. My advice is to add 10 to 20 tags to each post. As tag URLs often rank and bring traffic. On the search analytics page for my site you can see the tag URLs a ranking. Even though the monthly volume is show zero, this is not true. It's just very low. But it's important to get traffic flowing and it will grow over time. Each week I track one hundred key words on Serpfox.com A good way to build this key word list is to add the focus keyword as you create a post, and then add four or five variations. About one month after site creation, my keywords started to rank. The keyword 'What are subplots' entered quite strongly at position 27 and then dropped back before steadily climbing again. It reached page 1, position 8 on July the 3rd - three months after I created the site. Two related keywords, 'Definition of subplots' and 'subplot definition' followed soon afterwards. This was particularly pleasing, for there are volumes of 1300 searches per month and are very interesting All of these keywords continue to move slowly upwards and it has to be noted that progressing through the top half of page 1 is much harder than the bottom half. Of course, any page one position brings traffic but the top positions bring much more. In addition, my site has more keywords on pages 2, 3 and 4, just ready to move up over the next month or two. I will be focused on promoting them and building back-links, to start moving them up to page 1. I'm confident this site will continue to grow, continue to bring traffic, and build a solid income over the coming months. Now it's up to you it's up to you to take action. Without action nothing can happen. Using the information and strategies that I've given you within this course you can build a very good, solid site and build your own online income. Even though it may take 3 months to rank anywhere near page 1, and something like six months to nine months after this to build that solid income, if you take no action now. within six months you'll still be wondering where to find extra income. Start now. Let me know how you get on. I'd love to hear from you. I hope you've enjoyed the course. Bye bye. On Page SEO : SEO Techniques : SEO Tutorial