Setup your SAS Environment with SAS WPS Analytics

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English [Auto] All right guys in this video we're going to show you how to set up your size environment using WP as analytics so it's gonna be very simple. So the first thing that we need to do is go to Google. So hearing a we're gonna write WP is analytics and then we're gonna find the we should go to these link WP as an elitist platform. We click on it and then here we'll be in the WB as an elitist Web site. So here we will find a button saying trial by or in case you don't see that button is you gonna scroll all the way to down to the section try or buy. And here you will find the additions. So let's just go ahead and click on trial by. And here you'll find a different licenses but there there's one for free which is called is this presentation. It has no limitations since you can only work with 100 records but that's the tables we're gonna be working with has less than 100 records. So then you need to just click on to get WP as expressed and here here you'll find I mean you will need to fill out this form and then you'll have to request the the demo or this license. But actually it will be very quick. You can just follow these steps and you can that you will get the the execution file. Once you feel that information. All right. So once you download that execution file and you install it and then you will be once you open these the application you will the application will look like this. So let me show you really quick how to navigate in with this application. So here I mean here you can change the windows wherever you want. So you can you will find in the window section you will find a show view and here you will have all the windows that you need like you can open the windows that you don't see in the in the in your environment. So in my case let's go to Project X butter. So it is actually over here. So here you have a project and you can create the like click on new and then you create a new program. Then once you have that program open here then this is the editor where you will start typing the code. So the data we're gonna be using for these V for this course is in in the download data section of these setting up tax environment section. So here you will find this folder and we will we have broken down these of course in these three different parts. So here you can just let's say we want to go to summarizing data. So we just click on it and here we just need to set up a list saying priming one. So we will see what this statement is but just for you to get an idea. Once I have the coding the editor I can write an educated Jews and present control are in my computer. I can just go to WP is wrong file here. So here you will have these following these windows. So there are results explorer. So here you will find all different results. We have got to hear this. So I'm just gonna double click on it and here I will have the e-mail with the output but I like I said you can actually drag and drop these windows as you wish. So you can just play around on what is the best view you want to have. Just very friendly. I can just put it here and I can just navigate to the libraries here in the U.S. and or I can just navigate to my computer from these. All right. That's pretty much it. So you need to make sure you have these folder and depending on the section we're working on we're going to be referencing that section here. All right guys I hope with this short video you can get an idea on how to set up your environment. So I just recommend you do try to go to the different options you have available in this panel and yeah let's just get you started.