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Introduction of SAP BW, Terminology of SAP, BW version information

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English [Auto] Hello and welcome monomers are one sick. I'm your B.-W trying out here in the schools. We're going to learn a city BW modeling extraction from SFP sources drums and simply source systems reporting. We're going to cover complete Becs tools can the reporting part. Let's start befool having a separate B.-W. First we need to know some important tome in on is technology which belongs to our courts first. SFP stands for systems application products in processing which is a brand name for a company called Sep. It is a company name not in a software product it is only a brand name and NetWeaver and W stands for NetWare. It is a platform where all the applications has been created. Based on this platform all your BW applications and sudden incipit products has been created. Then we have it. BW That's a business information warehouse. BE I Business Intelligence be all business objects about slash for advanced business application programming for generation W is with the application server. So these are the main important terminology which we need to remember or know before starting your bit of records. So what exactly as it is an ERP package developed by SFP e.g.. It is nothing but an active Glaude which is located in Germany. In the era of 1972 by five ex-employees of IBM come into our course. BW First we should know how we started. And what is a first version and what is the latest version. If you take the bit of journey here. BW has been introduced in October 19 1898 with the first Russian goal is simply B.-W 1.2 which is a brand new data warehousing solution around the pot Selecta customers only for not for all the customers. It was not open the time and September 1999 a functioning of B.-W one point to be version is available for general customers for all the customers. The PSC persistence staging area and the odious object data store was indeed used at this time. Coming back to February 2000 which is a very short lived aversion to wine or indeed used with the New Warriors and other PC technologies. The same month and same here which has been introduced a new feature called logistics extraction which is called cockpit introduced with the B.-W 2.0 be October 2001 BWT born heggs has been introduced which is a major motion of which is an open Iran enrollment along with a new feature called Waupun hub. This nation process trains advanced transformation. Extra Extra which long for three years then 2004 simply has introduced the B.-W 3.5 the NetWeaver flag from 2004 with additional features called Eudy connectivity Exxon-Mobile services in full broadcasting integrated Eby DVRs extra extra coming back to do July 2005. The latest version and very powerful version B I seven point X has been introduced. If you remember and if you observe here for all the world until 2004 from 1998 we are calling it simply B.-W. When we reached the seven point expiration the name has been changed from B.W. to be. I was going to discuss more about this later. Let's continue this here. So be Isarn point X has been entered with advanced data or link up abilities data equidistance transformations. And Java has been introduced and we are actually up and real time data acquisition integrated planning etc has been introduced in this version and 2009 BW So point X integrated with SFP business objects. If we observe here from seven point x in 2005 and 2009 it has been changed again from B I to B.-W. OK so what is the reason why it has been changed to BW again. So let's go on talking about this because if they could be ide to be ide stands for business intelligence which we discussed in a previous Slack's would to change the name from B to be ugly. The main reason is SFP has been acquired that third party company call business objects. So when they acquired this business objects then what exactly did this that added a bit vi to business intelligence into before. So the people are started calling B will be lots of business objects. So when the added b Write the letter to words business intelligence to the business objects then you again call B.-W also has a be-I. People get confuse. That's the reason they change. It does mean from b to b w. Right now that's all business warehouse. We call it is a business information warehouse. So B is added to the business objects so you can call B. I b all business intelligence in business objects. This is one reason why they have changed from B to B W now just calling B W on it. There is no more B IBEW. It is only BW B is added to the business objects coming back to 2010 is subpoenaed used to build up point three with additional features called info provider to data flow more loads extra in 2012 then SMP has been introduced with 7.3 on Horno back end. So its like we can say BW powered by Hono now the latest watch is B.-W seven point four powered by Hanah. So this is a journey of SFP BW How we get started and what is the latest version. Next class we are going to discuss about what is ERP. Thank you.