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English [Auto] The previous Ogam that's part of the things you label the Flanigan label. We have learned for Hewers woke this morning the and then you move corresponding in the middle of the really simple and we're going to talk them in various programs. But a table and then be able to read the four fine of stock that are basically farmers who read filament And remember we'd always beef's one long only. So you can read ten lines of violence and then you to the READ statement always leads one line. You can read more of them online. Also the re-instatement always leads to were the because it's just one line. You can lead it. Well re-instituting what so it read. Well this is the Anthony do up you idiot. Then this is the selection media are two options for this election. The first option is based on an index one example look at the dinner table. There's the ITV about and in this case if you want to read the fifth line in that panel you boil one two three four five you can do that using the next selection index find index next. And that leads in a low you do this. This is one way of boogity there is another way which we have used in our previous program is based on the slogans in dinner table for example has so many kids it keeps meaning parlance Ardern number. This shouldnt mom mom McGeady to get on some more typically you want to read one example all Malayans will repeat is in you one me. So the syntax be read table and then I'll be able to work with the back then equals. So this is the selection the. Now there could be more than one result that comes up based on this election. In this case one the three or don't remember we said Read table only Lytton's one blow. And it selects the first right and see this one is ignores. So this is all because the real table can only lead one ball with more than one ball is it based on the selection criteria. It returns the first two and if a read is successful with returns a sizable equals zero. Read the net is another variation. Earlier the into statement was You can do it in then you start with the mid-evening of Muslims in this case. This could be a chance for you. Let me table with him at the door. So these are two issues of the seams. Next Next is a in the previous program we are used and the funny people line by by and that's it. A man at a lane in May. So the internal table let's say has five rolls. When you use a print statement to append a work area. And then to to print it as a last row of the right so that God knows this and that thing is blind then it's actually the first ones that one don't get viewed in a pen. He it's a second so it of so and as soon as the system has done it side topics he said the actual role that has been miscast the rule number six has been inserted. As soon as a friend is successful right. It does say that because of six because that is the rule that isn't inserted a pen can be not just one though Montenegro's musically and dinner tables have the same structure. Exactly. Hollams all you have to do is uptrend lines of fuses and back lanes of and a wide the source that you aren't in the top of. All the lanes and the TSOs will be added to the target the body in. So this is like a portable version of the simple open. So on a simpler plan you append one though to the end that they're done on dissuasion. For example this internal table has tables. This is what I'm pulling a source. This is the target this has files and you can print all these rules at the end of this as it could. Trend lines of the source data in the table who target Zeevi have not seen this version of the syntax in the program but BFC previous versions some of the future programs will see this version of the pan where you can append multiple lines from an internal table into another and then people are Davidi now. Don't worry if you don't understand all the difference boxes for our friend we eat reason why I'm putting them here is because we have to cover the different variations of the syntax. So keep this with notes handy download them and then put them in a folder never time you weren't for example refer to the syntax of read. You created a bohea book with the reference you have because you have a visual representation you otherwise you can just take in more fired and more bone all the difference BAC's either way you might need to the effort of these again and again for some time and really get the syntax right. I'm not saying that you should get the syntax perfect right but at least if you Hazon they remember that hey using read statement you can read will someone in Benoliel using a pen statement you can append the rules to an internal table and you can also open one Enderlin table at the end of another and be able using a pen lines of it doesn't matter if you know the lines of syntax or not. As long as you know that this can be done that's more than the number you face a situation where you have to do this particular pen you can just refer back to this notes or even two or physical happened at the most if you are making.