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English [Auto] All right. So before we learn about let's get the context right. We're trying to learn about Zwart is about a bop stands for Advanced business application programming. A BP. So it's a programming language made great. What does a programming language. If you're already aware of programming just skip this chapter. If you're not stay Neila understand some of the fundamentals of the. So we know that abab is a programming language and for those of you with programming background. You have to first understand what is a programming language. It's like any other language. English German French Spanish mostly resembles English. So if you are not from an English background you have a tough time worrying about it. There's not a big deal if you know the basics of English that's more than enough. Now the question is if you know English is about easy to learn. I would say yes. Now what does it stand for. I glanced. Business Application Programming. The key is business application. What I mean whether that means that it's not a general purpose programming language like Java or C for example Java can be used to write games. Think of Minecraft where it was written entirely in Java. Or Java can be used to write apps on Android. In fact the entire Android operating system runs on Java or pick your C language. The Windows operating system that I'm running on it's built almost on C the C language. Your iPhone is built on a language it's a variant of C Objective-C up on the other hand cannot do any of that its design only to them in the confines of an SEP and on and it's designed specifically to run business application programming once again I didn't answer the question Business Application Programming. What is so special about or what is different about business application program. Say a company like Phillips has implemented Sep software to run their internal operations. We all know that IBM's imagine this interview the regional manager in Chicago Phillips Chicago wants to know the total sales to date of a particular customer. Say how many lightbulbs have been sold. A customers say what Mark how does he do. So he logs on to the system to logistics since of distribution M.D. to Information Systems business park seems somebody and then a customer a number see 14:00 whatever that customer's of some of the data that's related to the same specific territory. Azuma 2100 is one marked here and we are trying to search all the orders that he has placed. Ever since right. Do you get that this is the end you'll see it's 50 million and the total number of employees and the telephone number blah blah blah. It's called the factsheet. Do you get the point rate. This is an example of a business application. Let me take another example. Say the sales manager didn't know this before my company wants to know all the signs of a particular drug. From day one how does he do it. Say go back and there is a program for that and 14:00 a zoo 14:00 is Wal-Mart and it up let's say the drug is a pain killer. Right scored it as you a one just for example. And these are all the seals that have happened for that material. And you know one that just nips a painkiller get the idea right. Business Application Programming. The point that I'm trying to make here is a bop is a business application programming language. Now you might have a question here. If you do a transaction on say isn't that an example of business. Can I pop it on behind the scenes to take that order. In all probability not to understand that you have to alter your mindset to understand business to business scenarios. What do you mean by that B2B as opposed to B to C this is kind of diminishing fast. The difference between B to be in see what ASAP as a software is specifically built from the ground up for B2B transactions. There are specific versions of ASAP that can run B2C that could Bubu to see it runs in banks. It runs in retail Okla are for the most part SEPs designed to be a B2B application. So you have to change your mindset to look at business and understand business for B2B prospect. The reason why I say that is in your day to day life never do B2B right. Unless you are a businessman you never do B2B right. You take your car go to your office work for eight hours or Corio college or to Starbucks have a coffee go buy a house or go to a party like a disco. None of this stuff is B2B. This all would be to see even the purchases that you make on Amazon. RB to see them not really be so business to consumer. These are all retail end user transactions could be ecommerce it could be retail it could be on the shop floor. All of these are retail transactions. Like I said even buying a home is a retail transaction because you are an individual customer. You are not a business. Right. So if you dont have any job experience typically you know you wouldn't understand. We do know. Does that mean that Starbucks does not implement ASAP. I don't know specifically about Starbucks but it could very well implement Missippi if it's not doing that on the counter where you will place your order for a latte. Where is it being implemented. An example of a B2B transaction for Starbucks would be something like this. So there is Starbucks and this bank of america Starbucks installs coffee machines in Chicago's Bank of America branches right. They supply the coffee machines they supply the inventory like coffee beans cream or so on and so forth. And it's not a B2C transaction. This is an example of a B2B transaction get the point. Starbucks is a business. Bank of America is a business. It's a bank it's a business. So it's a transaction from one business to another or you can take the procurement of coffee by Starbucks say Starbucks needs coffee beans. Where does it get it from. It doesn't get it from the individual farmer in Kenya or India right. It goes to the cooperatives it goes through bulk buying procedures ultimately that's again business to business because Starbucks is buying coffee beans from some vendor who can supply coffee beans to Starbucks and that is a business in itself. So business to business. So these are all examples of business to business transactions and ASAP. Like I said you specifically bird to build would be to be transactions. That doesn't mean you can't use escapin a retail transaction. No that's definitely not the case. For example I have worked as an SD consultant in a foreign auto major in Germany where you know this car company it's a major car company in Germany and they have Bishopsgate so many different dealerships. Each dealership will have a counter computer thing that's connected to that man. So and it is Sep. Every time a customer like you and me go to the dealership car dealership listen to it goes and decides in Sep that order is placed actually NAACP or the front on the screen that you see doesn't look anything like what you've seen just now with in Sep. It's totally different it's all on the web. So the interface is different but the data processing still is done out of Sep. So what's the point I'm trying to make. The point is your software like Sep. It's not just disappear in fact Sep auto collapse. Judy uproots you know there are quite a number of ERP software enterprise resource planning software and all of them are designed specifically for B2B and it's not used typically to sell lattes or capuccino sandwiches. Those are typically BTC so know that we got our context right. Let's see how these courses are organized.