What is a Salesforce report and why is it important?

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Salesforce reports are the lifeblood of Salesforce. They provide a way to extract vital information from millions of data sources. By the end of this lecture you will be able to describe a report.

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English [Auto] Hello and welcome to this lecture I'm going to be introducing you to one of the most powerful tools sales force and that is the report on your screen. You see a few things this can really really overwhelming. So what I'm going to do is guide you. The first thing you must know is that there are three main elements to any sensible Shrikant. The first element is what we see in other words that preview section if we wanted to see people's names their last names their account names their emails we would find them right in the previous section the previous section shows a maximum of 50 records. So everything we can see is in the previous section the second section is called the filter section the filter section essentially limits or helps us narrow down the millions and millions of data points to the data points that we ourselves want to see. So imagine you had you looking for pizza and you lived in New Delhi India or New York City United States and you had millions and millions of pizza restaurants share in the produce section. You would use the photo session to actually filter down of your tastes so you could choose for example pepperoni pizza or vegetarian pizza and put pizza. Equal to pepperoni pizza vegetarian pizza only the pepperoni and vegetarian pizzas would come up here in the preview section. So the preview shows you everything the full time limits. So there's a relationship between the photo and the preview to limits what is shown in the preview section. The piece is actually what we call the fields and that open up a contact requit here because we are in a contacts and a report type which I'll talk about in a month. And so what you'll notice is that any field a field is like a bucket of information and the field holds information. Right. And so if we want to find out the specific pieces of information we'll go to our field section and type for example contact owner notice Grant he says Contact equals postulated. I could drag over a salad and drop it all I could try it out and let me try to get in. What do you think we're going to see when we drag it in that's right. We're going to see Leonti is actually the contact own of the past and that is the contact because it is the context of this particular recall. So we have multiple contact owners which means that that person past that doesn't own this person they own the person's Raechel can now demonstrate what I'm talking about when it comes to the filters and the preview section. What I'm going to do is we're actually going to find this Thomas Abrams in this section right here. Right. So what you begin to do is I'm going to show you the relationship between the previous section print and the photo section photo section of your previous section up here. So what I'm going to do is we didn't find this to Matthew Abrams so I'm going to on that his last names. That's what I'm going to do is say last name and I see that as a last name. I tried that in a trumpet and I have multiple options here and say last name equals two not equal to less than greater than Nesle equal greater equal contains does not contain Stossel. I mean I say Equant and I mean it has been. And now that I've typed in Abrams what do you think is going to happen when I actually go OK. So what's going to happen is since I took AK any one of the last inhabitants should appear as well what people look at is the relationship not only between the filter and the preview the relationship between the forces themselves. So what let's look at also to see whether what we have is all that counts not just my contacts my accounts my team's accounts that we're looking at all accounts looking at last activity modified date. In fact we've chosen the date and then he related my current fiscal year. One of the limitations of that. Well if Mr. Abrams was created to physically as he will show up on this report because it's only full time for the current fiscal year. So what are we going to do is we're going to make sure that this is all time once again nothing short. OK. So what happens of pasta is the owner of the account but it's not the owner. Mr. Adams what would happen. Well as the Abrams would not show up. So let's actually remove the account owner. Now what we're looking at is meat sauce not equal to last. That means that earning records with a lead source feel that is FULDE us will appear and they say that again if I said that this was equal to black it would mean that any record and only records that had nothing in them would have here. But we want to earn you see records that have something in it. We're going to say not equal to that we can click OK well nothing's showing up. So let's remove the. And what do we find happens. We find that Mr. Edwards actually comes up and then we show you exactly what happens if we visit the lead source on the drag and drop it into this. No just one less an answer. That's because leads us is already in the report that we are looking at. So all we can see is we can see Mr. eyedrops but there's Larry and money. So what we can do is take the first name and triage the top equals two and we want to see Matthew Everett. So we need say Matthew first name equals Matthew and now we can see Matthew's of mation Now let's say I just wanted to see we're looking at Matthew's state and Matthew's leads us let's say only wanted to see this in a tabular format. We have different report types. We have table summary matrix and joint report types. I'm going to show you the most simple splint which is a table of type and that just shows us exactly the way. Excellent. Show us when I actually run reports it's pulling all the information sources pulling all the information and showing us the simple simple filter we've made. Like easy process for us because you and he in for one piece of information or watch what happens when actually are these photos everyone begins to show. And there are certainly people in this report that what they can do is actually hide the details that we wanted to see. The total number which is 465 and I could show details to take me back medicine now. I wanted to go back to customize I suppose I could click customize and then I click save or say as. And that will allow me to save my report and come back tomorrow come back another time to customize it again. Oh I think Alternatively I can make a new The final thing I wanted to talk to you about is that I mean the type of report that I have different reports tap's because I'm talking about people in other words contacts and their accounts and their contacts and accounts report. We'll dive into more of those in a moment. So let's recap to get the number one report. Is it to pull information from sales force number two to sales force has three main pieces when it comes to reports. The first piece is what we see. The previous section. The second piece is what we thought to by the filter section. And the third piece is the field section. A field is a piece of information or a packet of information. We can drag and drop or track out when we want to filter by something we can drag and drop. We have different options that we use and we can also use the above data fields to help us limit by Tom when we click on the porch sales force we put all the information. But when you click in the preview section and you see a maximum of 50 year olds signing when we want to see just a little bit of information we can hide the details or we can just show the tests. And finally always remember to say we report I hope you've enjoyed this letter and I'll see you in the next.