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English [Auto] Welcome back. In this lesson we're going to briefly discuss advertising to get clients. And the reason for that is I'm going to in these lessons teach you things in the old days they would happen from you appetising to get clients through to successfully treating them for whatever habit addiction fearful they are or other issue they come to you with. So obviously at some point you've cut off ties to get clients initially. Now there will come a time when you built a poor reputation a word of mouth appetizing takes place where people walk around going Wow I used to smoke and then I went to see this hypnotherapist and now I'm a non-smoker or wow I've lost lots of weight. I recommend you go and see this person Oh you know I'm no longer scared of spiders or whatever it may be. And now go around like walking up for Tyson's for you pass on your contact details and floss then you will get more work. But initially until you're known there's a few things you need to help you get clients. One of them would be professional certification. Now the truth is that in England United Kingdom quite a lot of other places in the world there is no such thing as a legally required or legally recognized qualification for hypnotherapy or an LP of similar related things. In fact generally speaking the bits of paper are only as good as the person teaching you. And in truth all they really are is a placebo triggering tool so that your claim will see them on the wall when they come and visit you are images of them on your website or in your appetising materials and they'll see them and they'll see that you've got a fancy looking professional apparently diploma from a recognized parrot Association and the truth is that most of the associations in the world are just kind of glorified boys clots. The truth is for example if you were to go to magical guru dot com that's a Agee. I see a allergy you are you. Dot com if you visit magical guru dot com and click on a link to hypnosis bootcamp you will find that there is a way where you can get numerous world renowned world class professional qualifications searching for occasions and association and professional society memberships for a one time only nothing else to ever pay really affordable investment to get your business up and running. You can then display these on your wall and they act as placebo triggers or in your offer tithing so that you can say in the case of my lead hypnosis bootcamp anyone who studies that can end up gaining qualifications that for example are approved endorsed and accredited by the United Kingdom board of clinical hypnotherapy. The neuro linguistic programming practitioners association the mind care organization UK the Royal Institute of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and also the international practitioners of holistic medicine. This means that you can also gain access to professionally designed logos for the societies in the search occasions which you can use on your advertising leaflets on your websites and on social media to look credible unbelievable to your potential clients in that regard these days using the Internet to get clients and social media platforms is one of the most effective things and that is fully taught in the elite hypnotic boot camp. It can be a simple law as for example posting finding Facebook groups where people got pain issues and talking to each other and posting a poll say look I am a fully qualified trained certified professional hypnotherapist I can help you eliminate pain issues from your life contact me and then a link to your website. Obviously it could be a group where a support group for people with habits or addictions you get the general idea. Also there's lots of for sale and swap you know second hand selling groups on social media platforms such as Facebook where you can post your advert that you are the local hypnotherapist and perhaps for that where you can see many books a session can get a discount of 50 percent off. So it gives them a call to action to actually contact you. In truth there are complete step by step marketing business plans in my elite hypnosis bootcamp and also a my book which you were able to download as a PDA in the introduction section of this calls you will also find all the marketing plans in the other PDA apps throughout these various lessons that will show you exactly example sales letters for getting clients. Example newspaper adverts to use to get clients by advertising the local papers and also examples of other ways to generate as many clients as you could want. Indeed further you'll find that if you go to my Web site magical guru dot com US emoji I see a allergy you are you dot com and click on the button that says free stuff. Within that list you will find an entry that says Get your 40 page not to success secrets manual for free. If you go grab that within the PDA free part there is a link to 47 further free hypnotherapy and I'll pay and also marketing videos that will teach you a complete step by step business plan to get as many smoking cessation clients and weight management clients as you could ever want. Who will be eager to pay you around hundred and fifty pound which United Kingdom Sterling approximately 400 United States dollars. As I recall this in July 2019 for each session with you and you'll be able to eliminate their smoking addictions and habits and help them control their weight management issues within a single session. And also that will show you how to run profitable group hypnotherapy sessions where you could be earning thousands of pounds or scuse me. Thousands of pounds or dollars a night something that you will also find out more about in the videos as they go on off line. Physical advertising can also be very effective such as delivering leaflets or rather getting a local leaflet deliberate delivery company to get thousands of leaflets delivered through letterboxes of houses offering smoking cessation weight management phobia removal pain management because they are the main areas where there's money to be made and other things. You can see an example of what my hypnotherapy double sided full color leaflet looks like. By going to the printing and graphic design web site of triple w dot hypnotic hyphen consultants don't call don't UK. That's w w w dot hate Y P and O T I C hyphen SEO an S L you out T A A.S. hypnotic hyphen consultants don't call don't you care. You will also find that link on the links page of my website magical guru dot com. When you go on there there is a therapy leaflets for therapy page and you will see the design I put together that is being tried tested and consistently proven to work by many thousands of hypnotherapist around the world and that can work for you that you can get printed affordably through that company with your own contact name telephone number and website address on a website is vital but we show you how to put one of them together. Little or no cost inside the elite hypnosis bootcamp which you can get more details on by clicking the relevant button at least acknowledge bootcamp on my website. Magical guru dot com. So the first thing is that you've got to offer ties for clients to get them on your advertising must look professional and in a manner that generates in that client the belief that you are a professional who knows what they're doing so that when they book a session with you even before they show up they have a belief that you are capable of helping them and they expect what you do for them when they come to work. So their belief and expectancy levels are massive and therefore when they come already value the placebo effect whatever an important seeming ritualistic process you did that as long as you deliver it with conviction and a positive intent and belief that it will work that will be transmitted to the client they'll pick upon it they'll have confidence in you and what you do and therefore that gives them permission to change a safe environment to changing and it removes from them all self blame shame guilt and regret for not having change for themselves sooner. I'll tell you more about that in the next lesson. Bye for now.