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English [Auto] Hey, I just want to show you the difference between a Rhino V5 and Rhino six, I just bought my license today. The twenty third of that, as you can see. And I want to just explain that for those who subscribe to my Udemy tutorials, you will notice that my tutorials are based on my new V5, OK? And if you have a range of sexo and you want to follow along, I just want to explain to you that it's basically the interface is exactly the same. The philosophy, the logic in how you approach the modeling. The surfacing is exactly the same, obviously, since it's the same software just with a couple of enhancements. OK, so this is the range of V5 interface, OK? And you can see on the left hand side the main toolbar you've got here, what we call the standard toolbar. OK, in the upper part of my screen, I've got my command line here that is important. And I've got basically my properties and layer's tabs open as well. OK, and that's these are the main tools toolbars that you're going to be working with, whether you're using Rhino V5 or Rhino B6, OK. And if I switch to my Rhino six, there it is. OK, so it's exactly the same. The icons looks the same. I still have my standard to borrow my command line. I've got my properties that my layer time. So again, I would emphasize that if you want to do the tutorials using Rhino V six, it's not an issue. OK, so I hope that's OK with you and what I'm going to be doing since it's brand new, the software I am working on, new tutorials that are that will be catered for Rhino V six and they will be added to this module that that you just subscribed. And I will be doing more and more courses this time using Rhino V six. Okay. So tag along and thank you for your attention. Take care.