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Discover the DANGERS of 2 Handed Reiki while Out Ranking your competitors as a "9th Degree" Reiki Grandmaster!

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  • Students will learn how to Perform and Teach 9 Degrees of Reiki, proper use of a Pendulum, EFT Tapping, and Applied Kinesiology.
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English [Auto] One thing that this is a shocker if this portion of the course this point you should have a class written and verbal consent to proceed forward with Reiki session. And we went over to the recycling place and she opened a little response to shoppers personally syrupy heart for Read this is part of this little block. So from this point I'm going to begin to work through it. So I started out with a prayer asking for if I can do it for that reason. Do you ever here. And where did you drop in like my whole thing two to come back with three fingers. Does the heart feel this is sort of. Third session at the visually mentally vital like say three times the most visually me say hey say three times and then insert it three times and then leave me the last two to five minutes. So there are two points to a key. What is it. She the that she's single for the Last Supper. So here we go to the third and it's like three times here here with us again three times. That's the harder they come off the prize for reciting the free pass. And also say a prayer for us we have that from here in the solar plexus like a lot of free time. So I feel like a of times this do one full time. It was like this you're you're visually joy every single day you begin to take over the body and then the next. And here you're visualizing the colors of the shot. The roof is red the cycle orange solar plexus yellow dark green the blue the third body into blue purple above the shop or the Higher Self. And this is where we're going to start off done with the power of your whole your whole life. OK. Now I want to say prayer done here. Thank you for balancing. We're going to see three things at the heart and soul our food three times. Oh the composition of the male should always be at the center chest for the female but the weight of your hair and the solar plexus and the shock were aiming for the heart. I like he. All decisions. The laws are I would say you're just adding more simple to the section.