Choosing your Reiki business name

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This lecture helps you to choose your name for your Reiki business.

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Build Your Ideal Reiki Business

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  • Describe what your ideal Reiki business will look like
  • Choose the best location for your Reiki business based on your personal and financial goals
  • Understand who your ideal client is and how you will attract them
  • Release any blocks you have regarding money so that you can see the value of your work
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  • Decide how distance sessions could be a part of your Reiki business
  • Explore teaching as a part of your Reiki practice
  • Learn how to connect with your potential clients online and in-person
  • Create a balanced schedule that will help you create your successful Reiki practice
  • Modify templates for brochures, intake forms, manuals and certificates that you can use in your Reiki business
English Your Risky Business course naming your reiki business you'll want to create a name for your risky business that resonates with your own energy as well as the energy of your business although it can be helpful to have your domain name if you have a Web site to include your city and the word Reiki. It's up to you if you'd like to use your domain name as your business name. First you want to search all Reiki businesses in your area to see what business names are being used . This will give you ideas to start with when considering your name but also ensure you do not try to use a name that's already taken. You'll also want to consider if Reiki will be the sole modality in your practice or if down the road you would like to include other modalities. The benefits of including Reiki in your business seem that it will ensure potential clients will know what you do just by seeing your business name. Some practitioners use their own personal name which tends to be easily recognized but does not clearly say what work you do for new clients. Also down the road if you choose to sell your business it would be more complex to do so if your business name was your name. You'll also want to consider your ideal client. Are you working with a specific segment of the population such a senior citizens or expecting mothers . You may want to tailor your business name to appeal to the group you're working with. There are many naming tools you can use to help generate ideas for your business name. Make sure you do not choose a name that is already trademarked or being used in your area by someone in the same industry. There are some links attached to this lecture that you can explore. Once you've narrowed your list down take some time and meditate with each name see which name resonates with you. Do not force yourself to make your choice. The decision will make itself through you. Have fun and I'm excited for your business name to find you. This concludes the lecture