Burning a Legal Windows 10 Install Disc

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Where to get a legal copy of Windows 10 Enterprise, and how to burn your own Windows 10 install/boot disc.

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English [Auto] One of the first questions I get from students is where we can get legal copies of Windows operating systems and other things so that we can do our ethical hacking labs and do some set up and testing. And I'm going to show you how to burn a Windows 10 installation disk legally by using the evaluations up at Microsoft TechNet a val center. So we're going to go into your favorite browser and we're going to look for Microsoft Tech. Matt reval center or evaluation center and you will come to the Microsoft TechNet evaluation center and all we have to do is go under evaluate now and find the windows in enterprise. So we're going to choose to build. We're going to burn download and use a Windows 10 installation disk and we need a we need a legal copy to do this right. To do this ethically so all you have to do to get an evaluation version of Windows 10 enterprise 4 that's good for 90 days and you will rarely spend 90 full days in any one particular VM. So a 90 day valve license is great. And if you ever run out you can always come back and download another evaluation for our testing purposes for ethical hacking for securing systems. There's going to be perfectly legal. So we're going to registered continue it'll ask you for a little information and then it will give you the ability to download an ISO file when you get that s o file downloaded. If you have a DVD burner in your computer or you can just carry a USP drive with you to another computer and do the same download or do the installation all we need to do is burn that DVD to disk. So let me show you how to do that on Windows first first so on Windows we're going to see how to take the windows 10 DVD. It comes with a much longer name it'll have a bunch of numbers in a bunch of cryptic characters but I've just renamed my disk Windows 10. So all you have to do on Windows is right click. Well first of all stick a blank DVD into your DVD writer right click on the iso file that you just downloaded from the Microsoft TechNet evaluation center and click Burn disk image and then it'll give you a nice dialog and it'll give you a burn button. All you have to do is make sure that the disk is entered in your DVD burner that will take some time to burn. But when it's ready we'll be ready for the next task. Let's see how to do it on Mac really fast as well. On a Mac when we finish the download we'll have some long file name dot ISO. And we just need to use the disk utility on a Mac. So you come to your launch pad find your utilities disk utility come to file and we're going to open a disk image. So we'll go to the downloads folder and find that Windows so that we downloaded will open that and it'll take the disk utility just a moment for that to show up over here and then you'll be able to burn if you have a DVD burner on your Mac. You'll be able to burn your own legal copy of Windows in installation for an evaluation copy of Windows Tim enterprise and that's going to do everything that we need for the Ethical Hacking exercise to get into any Windows PC from Microsoft XP from Windows XP to Windows 7 8 10 all the way back and all the way forward. If you have physical access to the computer we're going to show you how to use two special keys to reboot and four commands at the command prompt and get into any Windows PC and they will show you how to guard against that.