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The Google Keyword plan is a free and great tool to use for keyword research. Let me show you how that works. So to use the tool you need Google at. It's. If you don't have that set up one place it's free. You just have to register and to get that call. As soon as you are locked into your Edwards account. There is the Tor's navigation tap here and you see keyword plana just press that link and it will take you to that key road tour. You've got some options to search to first of all. I will show you the option to just put in the keyboard and get some resources. So it could just go ahead and use to rent the house in Los Angeles or just put that in for demonstration purposes or just to leave to you. MTA Don't pick anything down here. United Kingdom United States are just going to pick the United States and remove that. I see Google native key to filter through it just leave it like that and just say get key word ideas what the tool is doing now is going out and looking at the search volume at some possible categories and some other keywords. So here we see actually the categories where we could place in our ads. But what we want to see is the key good ideas. That's why we're using that tool actually. So we see here their rent a house in Los Angeles. They've got two hundred ten months researchers That's not very high and this is just that bit is around 1 24. And but what is very interesting for us now is we could just go ahead and maybe sort the tea that we see what is there what has got the highest search boredom and we see apartments for the kid that's not really targeted enough so we need something where Los Angeles is in. So Or is it that Los Angeles homes for rent. That's not really bought. We are looking for so we go down and see what could be good for us. So how's this for rent by owner. This is all too too much of topic. You know what I mean these this apartments for rent in Los Angeles for example. This just got like thousand von had that search. But you see it has got like high competitor. So it's really quite high competitive but it's not actually that bad. It's serious. 9 9 6 to pay for it. But you see that would be a key word that you could pick because it has got a quite high search area. I mean it says here that the competitor competitive that Tunisia is very competitive. But we could pick that and do some more research on that. I mean by that. Go out and look who's ranking for that. And then just go and see how many clinks they have what visibility they have. This would be a good key word just to pick. I see. I want to show you. So you could really go here and search and you could also sort that by competitor or are exported an excellent to some other filters get out the best kibbitz and this data from Google. So it's it's quite it's quite good. And what do you have to know is that they don't show search or rooms below 10 searches. But like if you would if you would sell a very expensive if you are renting out very expensive stuff like I don't know some hundred thousand though buying houses selling houses for millions then you know you don't need more than five for one. One guy that comes up through your website so that could be also interesting if you've got really expensive stuff for really playing in that league than it it would be OK. Well let me show you a second way where you can also like spying on your competitors just pick maybe this Sylow domain again and go back to keyword Planum and start the keyword plan again. And now we don't put in a key word actually. What we do is we just use the landing page lift the same settings and let google find the ideas. So now Google is really going out to that Web site or know has got some information about that Web site and is showing me their information for that you are at. So its kind of spying on that road and we can sort it here again to search Walham apartments for rent home for sale and you see here it's that it's again the same stuff. If you want to have precise information for like Los Angeles you could just put in the Suppe folder. Because in a case like this it's really it's really big. I mean New York real estate is still Sandiego stuff like that. So you could really pick out the very interesting search homes and it could just go to you to pick competitors and see what it's really been search you know what I mean. So this is very interesting I would see New York apartments like here almost 10000 searches a month. So you can go out and use the free Google Keyword plan for that. This is really a great tool. I recommend to use that.