Student's Test #1 at 45 BPM - Bass Clef - G D A

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#4 Read Music Notes Fast: Read 11 Bass Clef Notes with Speed

Fun drilling games to sight read 11 Bass Clef music notes with increasing speed. From 45 - 73 - 96 - 120 - 200 BPM!

01:31:16 of on-demand video • Updated October 2019

  • SPEED Read Music Notes
  • GAIN Confidence to read music notes at increasing speed
  • LOVE reading music notes on Bass Clef
  • READ Bass Clef notes at their own speed
  • READ 11 Music notes on Bass Clef at different speed
  • FIND OUT what your speed is & improve from there
  • HAVE FUN using this program like a music game to read music notes
  • MASTER all 11 music notes in Bass Clef inside out
  • OVERCOME the road blocks of reading Bass Clef notes
English [Auto] Hello this is Rozsa we're going to play a game we can to find out how fast you're able to read these bass clef notes. Most people can read treble clef notes quite easily when it comes to bass clef just in the story. So we would just begin with three notes only three notes in bass clef and they had a note here at the bottom line to a note at the top line and a D note in the middle line. This should be quite easy to remember good day to write because G. The bottom line the middle line with the middle letter D and then a the last syllable of Good Day the top line. This is set at 45 beats per minute. Let's see if you can do it at 45 beats per minute. Are you ready. Here we go. All right. How did you do. Remember to record yourself so that you could check your answer in the next lecture in the next lecture out. Do this at 45 beats per minute so they can check to see whether you got the answers right or not. All right see you the next video.