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In this lecture we are going to talk about the project that we will be developing throughout the course.

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Master React Native by Developing a Full Cross-Platform App

Learn how to design and create a cross platform mobile app with Adobe XD and React Native.

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English [Auto] Hello and welcome. Thank you all very much for joining us in this course in this lecture. I want to show you the app that we're going to build with React Native. I'm going to go ahead and write and we needed. I was in this command. First of all don't worry if you are not familiar with React Native for programming you're going to learn a lot of things through this project. I believe that learning to project is the best way to learn because that way you make mistakes and the best way to learn is from mistakes. Now we are running our iPhone simulator and then a few moments you will see the app that we're going to build in this course so we build this app for a friend of ours who started a fast food business and this app is a solution for customers to easier order food. Now you can see instantly you get this amazing menu. You have burgers. You have burgers chicken sandwiches and hotdogs. Now if you click on one of these components it opens up an additional view where you have a text and description of the item. Then if we were to open up one of these items we can add this to the card or you can swipe up this component here and change the ingredients that we want in our burger. Also we can have a combo we save up some a few dollars and add this as well to our cart. I hope you notice the animations here do we have. We will also learn about animation sort of polish and up how to make it scalable make it look on all out of make it look good on all devices. Another thing I'm going to run a simulator. This is an iPhone next right now. So I'm going to show you how it looks on an iPhone 5 this why I love React Native and why I want to teach reacting to you guys is if you are into mobile development we need it is amazing in that you have one code base and it compiles to Android and I was it's super fast super convenient you'll see it's just a lot of fun. Another thing to mention is I am working on a Mac and I can run an iPhone simulator and an android simulator. But if you are using a Windows machine or economics machine it will be only able to use a android emulator. And while you have you can think Apple for that because Apple only allows you to develop for apple using their product. All right. Here we have an iPhone 5 as you can see how basically the app looks the same things. Everything is scale everything looks as it should look. We have the sandwiches the draw. Also another thing is if I now can we can see your cart. Here we have the prices. And we can order this. I'm going to show you. We're going to show you how to connect us to a database and then from that database we will send the data to another app for cooks and for delivery guys. All right here we have our database. We have the finished what we have finished here. Now if I place an order it will be added here. We're going to see this test. That's just an order and you'll see instantly our order was placed here does this. That's the price we have all the items in our cart. All right. Now I'm going to delete this order from the database because there's no need here. All right. So I hope you have an understanding of what you are going to be building through this course. You're going to learn a lot of stuff. React Native firebase how to connect all those string so to make things responsive fast quick and I'll have animations industry standard things. So if you have no prior knowledge of React Native or mobile development after this course you will be ready to go to the industry and just show what you've learned. So thank you all very much for joining us once again. And I'll see you in the next sector where we will set up our project. Thank you and goodbye.