Installing Unity Android SDK & Java JDK

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Rapidly Build 12 iPhone/Android Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

Build 12 AR Apps (Incl. Animated Cut Scenes) & Start Your Own App Building Business! No Coding - Latest Unity/Vuforia

03:12:16 of on-demand video • Updated December 2017

  • 1. Create 12 Next-Gen Augmented Reality Apps for iOS/Android – Knowledge of Programming or coding is not required, a willingness to learn is all that is required
  • 2. At the end of the course, you should be able to create an AR app in under 10min or even 5min!
  • 3. Create your own AR App business by learning how to build practical Augmented Reality Apps including AR Business cards (with multiple video players), Drag/Drop AR object Apps (E.g. Furniture), AR books, AR animated cut scenes, AR greeting cards, User Defined Target AR Apps (Markeless), AR jump scare horror Apps and many more!
  • 4. Learn how to use the latest stable versions of Unity (2017.2 – with integrated Vuforia Editor) and Vuforia (6.5) for building out of this world AR Apps.
  • 5. High quality presentation with over 3 hours of HD video tutorials on key aspects related to Augmented Reality Applications.
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