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English [Auto] What's up guys this is manifest. Welcome to another. I'm a fighter pod cast is episode number 40. Now some guys walk up to one another. I'm a fighter podcast where we want to entertain inspire and educate in a fighter isn't someone who never fails. A fighter is someone who never quits. It is Canadian Thanksgiving today. I had turkey I had ham I had gravy. I had carrots and sweet potatoes that I made and they were pretty good. We sliced them we put them in the boiler and the like boiled them and then I put them on a pan and then I put a little bit of olive oil a little bit cinnamon and some brown sugar put those in the ovens baby oh they were they hit the party. It was fun hanging out with family earlier this week. I drove across California to Toronto. It was a long drive. We stopped in New Mexico for a show played a show in Farmington and it was awesome so much fun. You guys rocked it. It was just hearing the stories was just always inspiring got to meet the lady that inspired the book. Now it's basically her story that became a movie and this really big deal and I had no idea I got to post the Instagram photo to kind of make it look like I'm a big deal like I know people or something. But yeah that was really cool. And I went to Colorado. I don't know almost up to the old market that was really cool and just banned long drive tire almost popped some crazy road rage. It is good to be home. I don't want to drive for a long time again. I wish we planned it a little bit better so that wasn't such a long drive but we were pulling my car by my tour van and we rented this U-Haul from U-Haul and you know no problems. Was all good. Got to the border no problem. So it was it was really good and just thank God that I am home and stoked man got to do some work and got inspired and ready to attack it this week I apologize that's what this podcast is a little late. I have something I really want to get into before that one reminds you guys the moment has been out two months. We're shooting a music video for diamonds featuring my buddy Trevor from thousand for Krutch hopefully going to have that out to you guys before the end of the year. Brand new. Cage shirt that you definitely want to check out. And of course if you have not picked up the fighter book go to a fighter book Dot Net and pick that up on Amazon or the store. We've got a really cool deal going on that which somewhat inspires this podcast which I think you guys are really going to like. It's called How I quit my job and started living my dream. So let's jump into it. For those that you don't know. Before I did music full time as an actual career. Like hey I looked in the mirror the other day and I rap and sing for a living and that's crazy because I failed music in school. I always like to say God likes to take the most unlikely people and do amazing things with them. I had an I.T. job you know so you know I sort of lost my dad to suicide when I was five years old. I don't talk with that at all lately. But there's an amazing man that came into my life and taught me computers. And so in high school I took co-op to fix computers and different stuff and got really good at it. Were like you know this is like kind of a dress shirt with tie but I also had like camouflage pants on I look really funny but I was into computers. I built my first one was like 14 15. You know my buddy just taught me a lot of stuff and just encouraged me and I just you know found him really naturally I took a keyboarding course at high school and even went to a contest for the class and for the for the school I guess I didn't win but I got picked because I guess I was a fast typer. I know you guys are shocked. OK. Anyway so long story short I go to college after that I actually was planning on just becoming pro skateboarding where I hurt myself and so I had nothing to do. So not only did I start writing music I also went to this computer college and got a degree in networking technologies. Now I'm like the youngest kid O'Callaghan like flippen Doogie Howser. All right. And I graduate. They're top of the class. I get a job right out of there for this company. I was like on site field technician fixing computers. I'd show up at these huge corporate offices having to fix servers and all of this computer stuff and I was young and I looked young and I was intimidated. But I learned really quick. I read books I asked questions and I quickly jumped up the company got paid a lot more. They sent me this company three days a week to be there on site kind of a computer guy and they liked me so much that they bought me from that company and they were paying me good money. And like first years working out there I jumped up to $50000 a year and it was just like we're living at home make all this money and I could just put it into my music career which is what I always tell artists to do is just funnel your money you're making don't quit your job too soon and you want to take that money and put it into your career. Get your web site going get your demo done. Invest in your music tour. Play shows. Build your platform. Build your brand before you just jump and quit your job OK. Excuse me. I'm coughing here. I'm getting a little excited here. And so this job is great. You know you worked there for about five years. Eventually I went from five days a week four days a week to three days a week to leef of absences. And then I quit my job and I'll never forget. It was scary asking my boss for Fridays off so that I could work on my dream more. You know I was already working it hard at night. I was working on the weekends playing shows I would use up all my vacation time not to go on vacation but to play shows into tour. You know I was investing everything I possibly could into my dream I was building my dream building my platform chasing after this thing and honestly allowed me to take some risks. You know a guy that kind of consulted me somehow managed me back in the day I remember I was always complaining like do the one before so I will be full time. I want to be doing my dream full time. And he's like dude you don't get a man like you making all this money doing so good you can fund your career right now and really build it. Don't jump too soon and you should be really thankful. And that always kind of struck a chord with me to think like yeah you know maybe I should be more thankful and just keep working at it because you know what. When I did quit my job which I did when I got signed with tooth and nail records and it wasn't just getting signed. That made me quit. I remember I had a manager that I was going to sign with and I asked him I said hey I need this amount of money to pay my bills. Can you do this you know. And I remember him saying Oh yeah no prob man no problem. And you know I talked to my lawyer about and got some advice and you know what I'll never forget in the office calling my buddy who was the one who taught me computers who was kind of a father figure to me insane. And what do I do here. I do this like this is crazy quit my job. And he's like you know Chris you don't want to be looking back at your life wondering what if what if you never quit your job. You'd never know what if you never you know jumped and took the leap of faith and I didn't want to have that question be in the back of my mind wrestling with that wondering if I'd never quit my job. I'd never be where I am today. You know my company took me on company trips and over 17 18 countries I've seen the world going to Russia for the first time in Ukraine this December and Germany and just all over the world. And I was like Wow. And you know when I did quit my job I almost went broke the first three months because the manager I had hired did not know what he was doing. And when you think about it why would I hire somebody who is making less money than me to manage my career. I look back at it now and I'm like that wasn't very intelligent man. I was like still like living out of his you know mom. So I think at that point I was married I had my own condo now and you know I was doing really well. So it's like why was I taking advice from this do you think I was just so hungry and just wanted to do music so bad. I just I just jumped and went for it and I'll be honest. I'll never forget. You know I had a roommate for a little while and my roommate was a hardcore hockey fan OK like Maple Leafs hardcore and he had a he had the toilet paper roll was made out of a chop cut in half by ice skate. I remember our towel rack was made out of hockey sticks. And of course the shower curtain was the Maple Leafs. I guess I was hardcore anyways. I had a roommate and I remember even before I quit my job when I went down to four days a week and I'm over some days having those Fridays off and I didn't have shows and I was just sitting there and I was writing at home and I remember just getting writer's block sometimes and sometimes being so frustrated just like punching things and just wanting to be farther in my dream than I was and just kind of like oh why am I not farther on number just trying to get this dream out I wanted it so badly. And I remembered it was it was lonely you know and that's something we don't realize as entrepreneurs as artists musicians as leaders. Leadership is loneliness sometimes. Sometimes you feel like you're on your own and you know what sometimes we are. You know it's just it's just the truth there's not everybody that's trying to do what we're trying to do. And you've got to fight. You know you get pushed through you get pushed through those writers block you push through those times you feel alone and at the same time surround yourself with good people. I thank God I was going to a good church that time and they were inspiring me and staying plugged in and my girlfriend at the time is my wife now is so helpful and so encouraging and just being like yeah keep going you know. And so giving you a little bit of the background process here it didn't happen overnight. It was over a series of years and I thank God for the job that I had for a certain amount of time to allow me to get some music made and all these things done and give me some time to grow. Sometimes when you're handed success you're handed stuff too early it destroys you. And I've seen it happen so many times with other artists and people no matter what your career is whether it's not music is something completely else if you have too much success too early. Your character is not ready to handle it you know especially when a large amount of money comes into play. You know and a waste and just just just just destroying your life. And so I encourage you out there man if you're looking to want to quit your job you know make a plan because that was the other thing too. When I when I went down to four days a week and three you know what I had a big shock. There wasn't as much money coming in so I was getting paid good men also that income is chopped in half and it's like oh you know when I realized how important that was. And so if you're going to quit your job get a look at your expenses. How much money do you need to pay your bills. Let's get practical. How much do you need. Well then you need to make sure that you can at least make what you're making during your doing your dream or whatever it is your career that you want to do outside of your job if you're going to quit that job how are you going to supplement it. Are you going to keep making the money are able to you know get to that point where you can supplement it and then make the money you're losing. Because I wasn't really getting paid for shows as much and we weren't selling as much CDs and different things. I didn't have the dream fully built yet. And so that's really important because there's nothing like I say in the fighter book and I talk about some of the stuff in the fighter book that goes into more detail is that there's nothing little stress you out more chasing your dream than this financial nagging in the back of your head saying like oh how am I going to pay the bills. How many get this done. I don't have the money for that. You know what I mean like it's nice to have the money to just pay for your dream and get things done you know so maybe you need to cut off something else. Maybe you don't need to cut your your job off so quickly maybe you need to cut cable. Now I'm not talking about cable internet I'm talking about cable TV talking about you know maybe not eating out as much or bringing a lunch or finding different things to cut back so you can invest in your dream. Lower your lifestyle if you've got a really good job you've got this crazy amazing car. You know what I mean and you know I've got this huge payment on it or whatever why don't I just lower down and get a pit pay car cash on that car payment. Not so nice car but something that's good reliable. You know I don't have a fancy car. Some people will be surprised what I drive but I'm investing in my dream still it's still important to me. You know having a flashy car isn't you know it's nice you know like you don't have like a you know an unreliable car but I have a good car it's it's whatever but it's not like super fancy Mercedes BMW they don't have one of those you know. But on them investing in my dream you know and one of the things to want to share before we close off this podcast is there's something a lot more a painful emotion than pain. It's regret let me say that again there's something a lot more painful is than going through the tough times and the sacrifice and maybe you know not having what you want right now it's regret regret. In the back of your mind that that sucks you know. And so I'd rather go through the pain. I'd rather go through the discipline. I'd rather go through the perseverance and keep fighting as opposed to having that feeling of regret wondering what if what if what if I don't know where you're at right now. But I know that it doesn't happen overnight and I know what's worth fighting for. And you just can't quit. You know you don't know when it's just around the corner and you want to surround yourself with really good people. And I'm going to be releasing a course soon. It's going to be smart music business it's not up yet but I have that launching your career as an artist for relaunching that really soon which is going to help other artists and teach some music business and all that stuff to help you launch your career and launch your dream and do some like talk talk about social media marketing some really cool stuff and I won't be doing more stuff more audio's if people listening to the do the impossible message check that on iTunes. But you know keep listening to podcasts keep listening to podcasts like this and others that will inspire you and give you ideas your brain turning about your dream and at the same time you've got to give it to God. You know God called you to do this and he'll give you the skills and abilities you just got to step out you've got to take action and ask him to give you wisdom. You know I say to people man the reason I believe in Christianity is because it's just helped me it's been a light under my path. You know to I wear illuminate where I'm walking you know and you know if God is for me who could be against me if God is for you who could be against you. And the Bible works and Jesus is for you. He's not against you. And you put him first place. He'll connect you to your dreams. You know tithing all that stuff I could get in so much stuff that so much things I could go on I can do a whole course in audio hours but this. But hey I hope this inspires you hope it's encourage you. If you dig in this podcast please review it man. Leave a comment let me know what you think want to hear from you guys man. And it helps to get the rankings go up so more people see this podcast and share it with other people you know. And I'm just so stoked are that you guys would listen to me and thank you so much. Thank you everybody who supported and picked up the moment or you're rocking it on YouTube or Spotify However you're you know digesting the music. Thank you guys so much. We have some new music coming out in January already. And just so much cool stuff going on. So I love you guys. I believe in you. Remember fighters that somebody never fails a fighter is someone who never quits. Let's play the fighter remix right here. I it all just so we don't just like what I see. So what I I don't think so I don't know just don't go. I can see.