Part 1 - Creating Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine with Oracle VirtualBox

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Lecture description

I show you how to create a virtual machine with Oracle VirtualBox to prepare for Ubuntu Linux installation.

After this lecture you should be able to repeat my steps on your computer, without any issues.

I also show you how to start/boot up the virtual machine, and how to boot from the Ubuntu Linux virtual dvd .iso image.

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How to Install Ubuntu Linux on a Virtual Machine

Learn how to install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine with custom partitioning

01:24:32 of on-demand video • Updated April 2019

  • How to install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine and also do custom partitioning
  • How to install Ubuntu Linux on virtual machine for learning/testing purposes
  • How to create custom partitions for Linux installation
  • For Linux students who want to install Linux on their windows or mac OS
  • For beginners who want to learn and try out Linux, especially Ubuntu Linux
  • If you want to install Linux, but not sure how, this course is for you
English [Auto] Okay. This is the start of the main lecture for the course on how to install Ubuntu Linux. Whether you install it on a virtual machine or on a physical machine the installation is exactly the same or should be at least mostly the same with a very very very minor differences. You can also refer to my other course. Uh how to install Linux Mint. It will be very. This course will be very similar to that one because I've been to Linux and Linux Mint or very similar Linux operating systems Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and yeah. So let's start with the scores. Okay. All right. So what do we want to install. Is open to 18 which is one I've got on my on my laptop so it's open to eighteen point four. So this is Oracle virtual box. That's the virtual machine. Okay so normally you install an operating system like Windows Unix on a physical machine but if for testing purposes and if you just want to learn and you don't want to actually install it on your physical machine then you can install it on a virtual machine so this is virtual box. It's a virtual machine software. And this is it. And you can download it and install it on your P.C. and start it up and then yes click on new. I will say I've been to the Knicks. I'm going to leave the folder location for the virtual machine as it is their type of Linux version as I've been to 64 in this case memory I'm just going to leave on one because I only if I'd grab. So depending on how much RAM you have you can increase or decreases. So I'm going to leave it on that. Yes you it because you're creating a virtual machine. It's basically what you're doing is you're creating a virtual P.C. a virtual computer and you can run Linux on that virtual computer. So the virtual computer has a virtual harddrive a virtual DVD drive. So create a virtual hotties. Guess what. I want to do it. And then I prefer this one. But you can probably use any of those first three at least. I'm going to use this one you can try that one but I'm going to use this one dynamically allocated. It's probably best because then the hard drive size grows as it needs more size more space. Okay. So I'm going to start off with 10 gigs just to be safe because as Linux meant it needed to be at least 10 gigs for some reason. So I'm going to do that. Okay so there's the virtual computer the virtual machine created sound just gonna right click on it settings. Now I need to go and get the you know we do install Windows you use a DVD exactly the same yes. So what I do is uh this is the DVD. Well the iso file this iso file that I saw you burn on a DVD okay. ISIS burned to DVD. So in this case I'm not going to actually burn it to an actual DVD. I'm going to add it to this DVD disk virtual DVD disk. Yeah. It's like burning it to a physical DVD. Okay I'm just going to add it's this virtual DVD. So it's storage such as the hard drive. Of course empty uh DVD drive. Then I go Yeah I don't need to check that and that's to just OK. Selected so that's the file that you will download. This is the actual file. He will download from the Internet. Okay. Size of it. In my case is almost 2 gigabytes. Okay. So now I've learned it onto this virtual DVD player DVD raw and. Okay now the virtual P.C. virtual machine is part of. Okay. So if I started It's like switching on your computer. So if I start it it starts to virtual P.C. the virtual machine and then it'll read off the virtual DVD. Okay. Which is the installation DVD full of for Linux open to Linux I guess. Let's do that some booting up switching on the virtual P.C. now okay. It's now reading from the virtual DVD that has stay installation for boon to the nix on it. Okay. You got send outs booting Ubuntu from the actual DVD. That's loading loading open to latex from the DVD so if you had put this on your actual physical DVD player on your computer it would load the up to Linux from the DVD just wait for it to not complete the learning process.