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Qt 5 Core for Beginners with C++

No experience necessary, learn Qt C++ cross platform programming on windows, mac and linux for beginners using Qt 5.

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  • C++ for beginners
  • C++ programming
  • Qt
  • Qt 5 Core
  • Variables
  • Scope
  • Pointers
  • QObject
  • Command line programs
  • Input and output
  • Flow control
  • Functions
  • Signals and slots
  • Casting
  • Error handling
  • Templates
  • QString class
  • QList class
  • QVariant class
  • QT Creator
  • Cross Platform Development
English [Auto] One question you might ask is How do you know if you're using C++ the standard library boast or cute. If you look up C++ code you may see that some of it looks really similar. We're actually using C++ but we're using C++ along with the cute libraries. It's true that the standard library is included with C++ but we're not currently using it in this example. We will in future examples but in this specific one we're not. So when we look at this C++ is the language or the syntax that we're using to write the program. And you can see this main function right here and main and R and then Care pointer to Arvie which sounds really weird but you'll understand what this is and time. If we look at Stack Overflow you can see that this is just straight C++. This is not cute. So whenever you using the language that is the path plus. So how do you know when you're using cute. Well anytime you use cute the class will start with a q naming convention like. Core application or Q debug. So the difference between int and q debug is very fundamental and is part of the standard library where q debug is part of the queue libraries libraries. If you're wondering how you can find out more you can go to cute slash developers. Go to the references manuals go to whichever version you're using and then go to all cute C++ classes. You can see how everything starts with the letter Q It's a very simple naming convention. Q application Q atomic ant Q abstract slider. Everything starts with Q. So that's a very big spoiler alert. Whenever you see something it starts with a letter Q You're using something in the queue libraries let's just take a step back here. And let's look at UML types. You notice how cute IMAO or cute markup language doesn't follow that naming convention. You just have things like animator abstract series access alpha test age and it does actually use Q Quick. Notice how quick kind of follows that naming convention it's cute. Instead of Q That can be a little confusing but just understand that Q M L is more of an advanced topic to cover that in a completely different series. So if you're ever googling anything and looking for an answer and it says well use cute but use like the age QM type. That's not even remotely what we're talking about. You want to stick with the C++ classes they all start with the letter Q.