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English [Auto] Seven exercises to improve your voice when speaking in public one of the most common challenge in public speaking is controlling your modulation the volume and intonation of your voice even some beginners speakers sometimes cause the audience to feel bored and sleepy. Some presenters have their problem that they do not know how to give more volume to the voice so their audience can hear them clearly from others. The problem is the intonation because they have a voice that is too high or too low and they cannot find a way to make their voice more pleasant and interesting to listen to. This is why today I will share with you seven exercises to improve your voice and clarity tone and volume. So that by performing the seven practices you can develop a voice that is increasingly clear attractive and persuasive. That will allow you to maintain an authentic connection with the audience and make it entertaining. Interested in memorable presentations. If you want to convey a positive image by speaking in public and getting people to pay attention to you assimilate your message and allow yourself to be persuaded by your words. You need to develop a good comment on your voice so that you can avoid listening to it. All my niceness and repetitive that's why it's important that you cry. The ability to project the right volume modulation and rhythm in your voice to keep your audience a hundred percent attentive to your message. The following seven exercises will help you achieve it. Exercise number one project that precedes volume it is important that the volume of your voice is not very strong because it can be over I'm stunned or too subtle to put people to sleep. You must project the proceeds volume level and this can be achieved by using your breathing correctly. This exercise is in controlling the Armada air you axil. Since the volume of your voice the on that first adopt a comfortable position relax your body and perform three to five deep breaths and help again place the back of your hand in front of your mouth and begin to exhale in a small thing continues matter so that in your hand you can feel like cause that incontrol flow of air. Perform this step several times placing your lips a noble form as if you were pronouncing the letter O. But without emitting sound. Now repeat this step. Pronounce it that sound on in some tests words experience lour in the volume to the minimum and listen to your south and then increase into the maximum volume of Spokane's voice that you can emit without screaming all this while you keep relaxed your throat. Do not let it tends to speak louder. Remember that the key is on breathing a common mistake that people make is that a. Except a lot of tension in their throat when they try to raise the volume that causes them to get hurt and the voice does not protect well because their throat glows an important tip for a good breathe. Their shoulders should be keep free without getting up your back straight and you should not make too much effort. Take care that is not force in breathing but rather fluid rhythm. Remember it is not necessary to fill your lungs of air before speaking you don't really need that much air. So keep a deep breathe naturally exercise number to express yourself with a clear and well-defined eyed voice diction is even more important than volume. There are people who have an adequate volume of voice but drak the words and it's difficult to understand easily what they're trying to say. Is that they are presenters who do not need to raise the volume so much because their voice it is very clear. This is how they get each of the people present in the room to understand them perfectly. If you build a good diction your voice will be clear and easy to understand to your audience and they all enjoy listen to you. An articulation exercise can help you to focus your attention on your language while you speak. Practice pronouncing your speech in front of a mirro and verify that your thunk makes complete movements. You can also practice with a tongue twister in addition to this. Keep in mind that followed my recommendation that can help you improve your diction to achieve a clear and well definite voice. Always start talking slow and clearly open your mouth wide enough so that sound does not get blocked Brookhouse. All this sounds of each word and if you find words difficult to pronounce practice see them loud repeatedly exercise number 3. Develop a fluid and dynamic voice. The objective is that you manage to control the dynamics of your voice so that it varies according to intensity of your message you are delivering to achieve this veritie try to start and finish your sentences with a different nation involving Because if you repeat the same patter of lower or raising the tone in a similar way makes you predictable and the monotony can be boring for people. This exercise is very simple and if you do it frequently you will discover that you have a great vocal Virdi that you have to take full advantage of what are you going to do is read a lot some fragments that you really like. Or a speech that excites you but you will read it in an unusual way. Making Drac's sit ups and downs in the dynamic of your voice. Do not worry. It does not resemble the normal way of talking. The important thing is that you can take it as an experiment. For example Life is full of disappointments failure and seatbacks but not obstacle can stop you permanently. You have the power to overcome and in situation that life presents to you. There is nothing as powerful as a positive and focused mind. Surround yourself with people who support you and remind you how important you are. No person situation ups circumstances can define you evolve as a person. Do not give up or stop believing that is possible. Greatness is with you. Exercise number four. Project a natural tone of voice. A very common mistakes that I have seen in speakers or presenters that have just started and that I also committing on my beginnings is to play the voice. This happens many times because when you come to the front and speak in front of a group of people one takes on the volume and this cause our tone of voice to be altered. In my case when I listen to the recordings of my first lectures I could notice that my voice was different from how I knew it was. This can cause your audience not to believe your words not perceive in your tinted voice. In addition your throat will be tired after a few minutes of your participation. That is why is so important to keep in mind to speak in public and motivate people. It's not necessary to shoot or raise the tone to match the success of your presentation will come as a result of the solid structure of your message and that you will be able to relax and talk with your internal ideas as if you were in a casual conversation with each of the people present. To achieve this I suggest you exercise were to put into practice what you learn in the three previous exercises. That is you will use good breathing to give their blood volume to your voice. You will express your words clearly. You will practice the dynamics of your voice and you will also try to give priority to the most serious tone to voice it because day because unlike the high or skilled voice tends to provoke enough people a feeling of formality securely and convenience. This does not mean that you are going to fall into extreme of use in a serious voice all the time in a boring way. It is more important that you inject your voice with. I nomics Inverarity that you learn in the previous exercise. The ideal situation is that you can find and project your natural tone of voice the same one with which you express yourself every day in your daily life. Of course with more into Chiasson exercise number 5 find the right rhythm. What is the rhythm with which you normally speak. We all speak at a different speed. So they're really simple find a rhythm that you feel comfortable with and that you consider appropriate for a message you weren't going to transmit something that you can find very useful. Is this practice. Pronounce your speech aloud or making drastic changes in the speaker for your presentation. There are specific fragments and points that we have to deliver more slowly to make sure that the idea is easily captured by the audience and on the other hand. When you give you an idea of a breakup relation or something that you previously say is better if you do it fast and synthesize as possible exercise number 6 Give your voice an attractive touch to listen. We have already thought. There are some types of voice more pleasant than others. We all have a unique voice and that is something we cannot change. Even so you can give your voice a more pleasant touch. And this can be achieved in a way as simple as Smile Smile while you pronounce your message make the voice color more attractive in this way that people who listen to you will perceive warm and empathy in the way of speaking which complement with the techniques of previous exercises. It will become a more pleasant and interesting voice exercise. Number seven is speak with conviction and persuasion. It is not the same to pronounce a lot eveil message with a weak voice that are practiced every day so that you can act quite experience of speaking with a sick voice that shows you to totally only. What do you say. Try to pronounce your message with more convention. Every time you practice it whilst you are smitten Naturally you can use an application or a device that allows you record your voice in out here in this way. You can listen to your recording and this Treebeard exercise making the necessary correction in your volume. Clarity dynamic intonation rhythm attraction and conviction of your voice. As you can see then yes see that you get in and bawl your words plays a crucial role in that persuasive power. You're going to get and convince your audience. So I recommend you make the message yours feel a leaf constantly. Each of the words that your lips announce if is possible. Talk about something you're passionate about and you will see how your voice would immediately emit a charming glow with which you can easily convince your audience as long as your arguments are well-funded put into practice. Each of these seven exercises to drastically improve your ability to see flies and convenes when you speak in public so you will notice that little by little you will be for your own style is a dynamic clear persuasive voice that will turn you into a great speaker able to captivate and authentically inspire your audience.