How to Bless a New Deck for More Accurate Readings and Deeper Connection

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Powerful rituals to bless your new Oracle card decks for more accuracy.

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English In this lecture, we're going to explore how you can bless your cards and how you can do a sacred offering to your cards to continue to build a connection with them on a heart level and to continue to open your intuition with your cards, and also to continue to be able to offer really powerful and accurate psychic readings for yourself and for your clients. So over the years that I've been teaching psychic development, I've had students reach out to me and ask me, you know how do I place my new cards, or if I get a new deck, what do I do? Is there any kind of special ritual? And you'll discover your own powerful rituals. And I wanted to do this lecture for you just so that you've got some base to start with, like some basic foundations and you can take those away then, play with them and sEE whatever intuitively comes to you to be able to create a space to bless your cards. Now, first, you might say, well, do I need to place my cards? Is this important? And I would just say, yes, like if you buy a new deck, you want to make sure that you are connecting your energy with those cards. You want to make sure that you are connecting a contract like you are creating a contract with your cards that is going to last a lifetime and that sustains you and sustains your clients as well in a really beautiful empowered way. So what I tend to do is when I get a new deck, I will unwrap it obviously, take it out of the plastic. I've got a brand new deck for you to show you, and I've got a special little ritual that I do. No, please don't get hung up on doing it exactly the way I do it. As I said, you will find your own ritual, but this is just a very basic of what I do to bring in some soul connection with my deck. Now, this deck. I'm very excited to announce, I just bought this deck, and I've got a bit of a funny history with this deck. So when I was managing psychics and this is 10 years ago now, and I first started to learn how to read customers in the shop and this is where people first started saying to me, you know, Sal, you really should be psychic, you're amazing. And I started with this deck. This is one of the ones I started with, and ironically I never bought it. So customers would come in and I would have this up on the counter, and this would be one of the ones on display, and they'd be flicking through it and I would just grab a few cards and I'd interpret some stuff for them and stuff would start coming through messages and images, and I would share that with my customers. And I fell in love with this deck. And I remember gifting it to one of my best friends for her 30th, and I loved it and I played with it nearly every day that I was in the shop, and something really full on was happening for me. I played with this deck and yet funnily, I never bought it. I don't know why I just never bought it. I bought tons of other decks, just not this one. And interestingly enough and this is why I believe our decks are connected to our own Soul Journey and our own life purpose, and not just as psychics, but as our own spiritual journey. A few weeks ago, I had something incredibly traumatic happened that really brought up a lot of my old wounds, like a lot of my old stories and stories that I had before I became a professional, stories that I had while I was building up my business, and I had to just go into, I had to take a few days off work and I had to just go into a spiritual shop and find some incense and find some crystals. I knew I really needed some angel love. I sat on the beach and called in my angels and when I went into the shop, I thought, right, I need a deck to help me through this. I need something new and fresh and this was here. And I hadn't seen it for ages. So for those of you who can't see, this one's called The Mythic Oracle, and it's the Greek goddesses and gods from the pantheon. And just as I said, I have such a good feeling with this deck. And it was just there, it was almost waiting for me, and I went oh! Okay, old friend, it's time. You and I are going to have some fun. So and then obviously I realized, oh! I could save this for this. I can save this for this incredible lecture. So, I'm going to show you how I bless it. So, I've taken the plastic off and what I do is I open up the deck and I have a number of tools that I use. Now for you, it's completely intuitive what you want to use, but I use... I anoint my deck with oils. I like to use geranium because it's a very heart scented oil, rose, jasmine, frankincense, Tsvetaeva, like any of those grounding oils. Frankincense is great for opening up her psychic abilities. So any kind of oils that you connect with or as I said, even some sandalwood. And I just like to anoint my deck. So that's one of the tools I use. I have my rose quartz crystal ball and I use this in every one of my psychic sessions. I used this before I begin a session. And it's not a scribe, also I don't look in it to see the future. It's actually just an incredibly powerful tool that I use to connect me into a space of unconditional love. So, it's really what I use to not only connect with my spirits and guide but to ensure that throughout my reading, I'm holding a spice of unconditional love with my students. And this was given to me to some of my psychic workshop students years ago as a wedding present and I still use it in every single reading that I do. So, I totally love it and I bring it in as part of my ritual for blessing my deck. I also bring in the very powerful Azurite and Malachite as well to bless my deck. That's a very amazing crystal for opening up your psychic awareness. I have Kyanite wand, and I talk a bit about Kyanite wand in the How to be psychic section on Oracle Cards. You might've seen that old friend there, the familiar old friend show up in that, and I used that, and I also like to use Frankincense Incenses. So, that's another one I use. You can use sage or something else, but I love Frankincense Incense, that's my favorite. So I use that to bless it. Now, how do I bless it? I get the beautiful cards that and they usually at this stage probably going to be sticking together a bit. And I just get my energy on the cards and I start with a little prayer before I start with any of the tools. Start with some breath, and I just connect in, and a little prayer - great creator, my angels, my spirit guides, my source, my higher self; I create that every everything that comes through this deck is going to inspire and empower all of my clients. It's going to inspire and empower me and it's going to make the world a better place on all of the realms of the existence across all dimensions of time and space. I thank this deck for being a companion. I thank to helping me on my journey and helping all the wonderful clients that are going to come in and enjoy it. Thank you. It is done. It is time, it is done. That's all. That's all you need as a simple little prayer like that just to connect it with you and your energy and your heart. Now as most of us know whoever have a deck, they're often all stuck together and they are all chronological. So the first thing you want to do is you want to separate them so that they are not all coming out chronologically. So what I do is I do what's called a thrice deck. So a triple deck and I do that by just going one card and then I pull the next card, and then I pull the next card. I'll show you how to do this when I've got my table in the Oracle cross-sections, but just for now. So you are basically just dividing the deck in three by going one, that's the first card. Two, that's the second card. And then three, that's the third card. And you are going one-two-three spreading them all out like that and then shuffling them again. So that's my next blessing to just kind of shift up the energy so that the cards are all different, they are not the same one. And just look, I got the magic. I just got a Magic card then, I got a 44. Very magic card and I got strength. So that's fantastic, the gorgeous lion. So, I would love to share with you now what I do as with the tools. So anointing is very simple. It's a very simple process, and all I do as I get my beautiful oil, so this is an oil that one of my psychic development development students Rebecca gave to me as a gift, and I love it. It's as I said, it's got deranium and you Lang Lang ,it's just beautiful. And all I do with this one (you can use any oil that you love) is just I, couple of drops like that, and I just put a little figure eight on it, so I'll just show you how I do that, just a little figure eight like that, just around the card. Little finger eight just during that all around the card, connecting it in, and you might want to inhale that beautiful smell. That is how you do that with oils. Simple. Same thing with the gorgeous Azurite and Malachite - one of my favorite tools to use with psychic readings and that is just a little figure eight. Just one-two-three-four. You can do it three times, the power of three is always very powerful, and just getting it around there, getting that connecting that energy. And you can do the same with the kyanite. Now with my rose quartz, my beautiful rose quartz. If you have a favorite crystal, so the reason I use the rose quartz is because it's one of my favorite crystals. Any kind of heart crystal is great, but anything that's really sentimental and like a talisman for you, then I suggest just putting it on it and just resting it on it before your sessions begin because again, so much of your energy is in the cards and it's going to be in that crystal because it's your favorite and you love it. And it will just absorb it and connect it to get on and connect that energy. And now I've got my cards blessed. So that's all you need to do, it's very simple and that we'll just connect with every deck. Now, you can... now someone's asked me before in the past, they've said, well, do I need to do it with every single deck? What if I already bought a deck? Like if I had this deck for a year? Absolutely, like you can do that. It doesn't have to be a brand new deck. You can do it completely on a deck that you have for ages. You could also do it to recharge a deck. So say, for example, you're noticing that some of your readings are getting a bit cloudy, or that you know you haven't used a deck for a while, like it's been on your shelf for a while. It hasn't come out to play for a while. It hasn't really called you. Go back in and just do a little recharge of that and you can use any of those kind of tools, or any kind of tools. Just take a couple of minutes to create that beautiful, etheric, and sacred, and gorgeous contract with your cards just so that you are remaining connected to them.