Setup Twitter Bootstrap, Font-Awesome Icons & Google Fonts in CSS

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English [Auto] Hi everyone. Welcome back. So in this lesson we got to download our Google font and we're going to download bootstrap and we're going to download font awesome license. So the first thing I want to do is to go to Google fonts and choose normal seemy bold and bold and go ahead and copy this link right here. You know copy and paste it right there and then we're going to go and download our bootstrap. So I want you to go ahead and click here and then go oh so we only going to use the grid system code and table graphy and there is a nav bar right here. And we're going to use the tool tab and for the G-20 blowguns only use the tool tips and for variables I just reset to the Eagles then we're going to go ahead and download it and then we're going to go and download some icons. So now let's extract these files. So from Bootstrap we're going to copy all the files and this is us going to copy and paste them here into javascript. You can take these two and paste them right there and for font also migrans do the same thing. And we're going to take this file and put here. Now it's going make a link for them for us. So this will be for the bootstrap. They're just going to make it look like the first one and copy and paste it. And this is for the icons on Lockman. Or you can just leave with like this any way you want. And let's add a comment. This is for Twitter Bootstrap which is right bootstrap and this one has some icons. And this is for Google for now save the file and that's it. Thank you for watching. See you in the next lesson