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In this lecture, we will first learn what a Project Charter is. Then, we will talk about what we need to develop the Project Charter, how we create it and what we get as the result of these activities.

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English [Auto] In this lecture we will first learn what the project charter is. Then we will talk about what we need to develop the project charter how we created and what we get as a result of these activities. So if you are ready let's start to lecture a project charter is a formal document which authorizes the project manager and the project team to start the project and execute the project tasks. It is typically a short document which may include three to four pages if it is a small project. The charter may be short and if it is a large project it may have more pages. Here are some of the headings that may be found in a charter. By looking at these headings you will understand what information is found in a project charter. You need to know this for the exam. The format of the document and some of the headings may be different than this example but in general the project charter is something like this let me swim a little bit so that you can read the headings easily. Let's see what information we can find in. Project Charter. First of all we have the name of the project and the description of the project. The general information about why we need this project and why we initiate this project is written here name of the project manager assigned to the project is written here. The authority level of the project manager should also be described. We know from the previous lectures that the sponsor signs the project charter here. Please note that there may be more than one sponsor. If there is more than one sponsor then the name of all of these sponsors should be written. The approval date of the project charter is also noted the business case is one or the essential information written in the project charter. I will explain it in the following lecture in detail in general. This is the answer to the question of why this project is selected we write a summary of the business case over here and generally we refer to the business case document as an attachment. Estimated budget is the budget calculated as a result of high level budgeting activities it may be found in a project charter project objectives are also written in the project charter. These are the benefits we get as a result of this project scope objective. The total duration of the project and the budget are examples of high level measurable project objectives the project approval requirements are other information we can find in the project charter. These are the information about what approvals are needed for the project and who approved them. For example the final approval or the project will be given by the sponsor or the work breakdown sections should be approved by the sponsor to be able to continue the planning activities. We can't find this kind of information here. Under the project approval requirements heading the high level description of the product and the key deliverables information may also be found in a project charter. Here the high level product description is made and the aim the result of the project is listed some older resources such as some team members may be assigned to the project in such a case to name all these resources may be written under a heading like this. Some essential stakeholders may be defined during the development activities of the project charter these key stakeholders may be written under the key stakeholders heading high level assumptions high level constraints and high level risks may also be listed in the project charter. Please note that these are not detailed assumptions constraints or risks to detailed levels are determined during the planning process. Group some of the essential milestones may be listed in the project charter. Again these are the high level milestones of the project in what condition the project will be terminated or in what situations the project will be closed. This kind of information may be written under a heading like Project exit criteria. In what conditions the project will be successful. It may be defined in the charter of a project as you see the project charter contains information about almost all of the knowledge areas. These are the high level information and they will lead to future activities. So it is true to say that the development of the project charter will influence almost all the knowledge areas of the project. Okay so we know what the project charter is and what information is found in it. The next lecture we will continue to talk about the develop project charter process. So I will see you there. Thanks for watching.