Time Management vs Self Managment

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Time is the great equalizer, it is the one thing we all have an equal supply of. When we talk about Time Management, what we are really talking about is SELF management. You will learn why it all starts with you and how you manage yourself.

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English [Auto] Now we're all very familiar with the term time management and this is the term that we often use to describe productivity and making the most of our time. But really it's a misnomer or the wrong term to be using. Now as far as I know unfortunately time travel is yet to be invented nor is there a giant pause button following us around where we can actually stop time whenever we like and whether we like it or not. Each minute is only made of 60 seconds and each week 168 hours. And those are going to pass us by at the same speed no matter what we do. And in reality when we're talking about time management what we really should be talking about is self-management because the one and only thing that we have 100 percent total control over is what we do and how we manage that time. I hear my clients say things all the time like I don't have enough time. Is not enough time in the day or man. I wish I could just make more time. And you can wish all you want but thats going to be a crutch that's going to keep you stuck exactly where you are now. My suggestion is dont wish you had more time instead wished you had better self-management better systems better tactics better habits and probably most importantly better execution on the stuff that you already know how to do and actually put it in a play which you already know you should be doing but aren't doing. These are the things that really make a difference in. These are the things that you have 100 percent total control over time. The great equalizer you and I have just as much time each day each week and each year as the president the United States or as CEO of a Fortune 500 company. But here's the thing. If you don't know how to manage yourself if you don't know how to set up and actually consistently use the right systems it wouldn't matter if you could make more time up. You wouldn't be able to fully take advantage of that extra time. So I'm going to encourage you right from the start to instill a new belief and it's not about time management it's about self-management in making the most of the time that you already have. Because if you do make the most of that time that you already do have you're going to double and triple the results that you're getting now. And I'm going to show you exactly how to do that in these remaining lectures and you have the power. But it all starts with you. So this lecture leads off this section for a reason because I can give you all the Kulis tips tricks strategies tactics principles concepts but it all begins with you and your management of whatever system and processes that you put in place. So now that we've got that out of the way onto the next lecture.