Characteristics - Brushes, Erasers, Smudgs

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  • 🚀Master Procreate app for the Ipad
  • 💻Understand the basis of Digital Drawing
  • ✏️Create Incredible Digital Drawings and Illustrations
  • ☀️Shading and illumination
  • 🖼️Color Theory
  • 🖌️Create and Edit Procreate Brushes
  • 🌌Master the Blending Modes in Procreate
  • 🎨Differences between RGB and CMYK
  • ✒️Advanced edition of Digital Drawings
  • 📄Different types of formats - JPEG, PNG, PROCREATE, PSD, PDF, TIFF
  • 🖍️Digitalize, Edit and Coloring Drawings made by hand
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