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In this lecture you will learn how to add Transitions to your audio and video layers.

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Learn Adobe Premiere Pro In 1 Hour

In this course you will learn how to edit your own videos using Adobe Premiere Pro.

01:01:57 of on-demand video • Updated July 2017

  • Edit videos professionally using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
  • Adding logos and graphics to their edits using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
  • Create effects such as Video in Video using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
  • Create professional supers and lower thirds using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
  • Export their videos from Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 to Facebook or YouTube using the correct video codecs
  • Color correct and color grading in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
  • Create audio and video transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
English [Auto] Hi and welcome back to learn premi CC 2017 in one hour. And in this video I'm going to show you guys how to use transitions on your video clips and also on your or your clips. So I'm going to bring in clip number one and I'm going to bring in clip number two something like that and I'm sure to trim them down slightly and the reason I'm trimming them down is if we want to do a transfusion like a fade in transition from one clip to the other you'll need some extra frames at the back and at the front of those two clips so that it can actually fade into the other video. So I'm going to snap them together. And then Fiona at a very basic fade transition between these clips I can right click in the center of these clips and then I can select apply default transitions and that's basically going to add a transition to the video and to the audio as you can see. We've got a cross dissolve on the video player and we've got dissolve on there. It's called constant power on the audio as well. So if I scrub through you you'll see that it's actually going to fade slowly into that video clip and it's going to do the same with the audio it's going to fade from the one audio track into the other one. So if I play through this you'll see you get that smooth transition animation. So not if you want to delete. Let's say you only delete the transition on the audio I can click on this brown box and just press delete on the keyboard. It's only going to delete the transfusion on the audio. So if I play this back it will still have the video transition. And if you want to delete the transition from the video I can do the same just click on that deleted. And now it's going to just be a normal cat again. All right so there are multiple or different kinds of transitions that you can use if you go to your effects at the bottom you can move this up slightly. You'll see that you have all your transitions and also video transitions. Right so let's expand via transfusions and you get all these different folders like 3D motion dissolve Iris et cetera. So let's say you want to add a slide transition I'm going to expand slide and then you've got these different options like seem to split push slide and split. So let's try this. S.a splits I'm going to click on this and drag it onto these two or this cut. Yes if you can see if I drag over it and either add it to the end of the clip one or over both clip one and two or at the beginning of clip number two so I'm going to say that over both keep 1 and 2 so right in the center. And we're going to release it and it's going to add transfusions so they can see if I play through this. It's got that Cintas blood transfusion. All right. I'm going to delete that transition going to click on this box and delete that. And let's try this push transition so I'm going to click and drag it onto the center of this. These two video clips and let's play through that. So that's like a normal push to the side. And if you want to go into the properties of this transition you can click on this box to highlight it and then you under effect controls. You can see all the properties of that transition so you can actually change things like the border. Let's go to the S.E. you can add a border as you can see if I make this a little bit thicker. Let's say like 20 is actually adding like a blackboard. You can change the color of the border. It's make a great knife. This you'll see that great border. You can also change the duration. So the start and the finish you can play with that. We'll just add like interesting some effects there. And this is the duration right at the top. That's one second are 25 frames I'm going to change this to 10 frames and then after play back you'll see that it's going to be a lot faster because only doing it over 10 frames you can also change the duration by just clicking on this transition and you'll see there's a little change the mouse pointed to this icon can click and drag it. And that will basically just extend the time or the duration of that transition. OK so let's delete this transition and let's go to 3D motion. So let's try this cube spend something to click and drag it over the middle section. And if you play through this you get like a kind of 3-D effect like a cube just kind of rotating around it. All right let's look at the audio transition so I'm going to go into the audio transitions folder. We've got crossfade and you've got these one so constant power constant gain and exponential fade. Now usually I just use this constant power to just drag this over the audio cut and it'll basically just add an audio fade from the one to the other. So it will basically just make the audio transition really smooth. So if you have a harsh audio cut just use that to smooth it out. Going into the next clip as you can see it's not doing it with video the video is just a normal part but the audio will be nice and smooth. Let's say you want to add a video transition at the end of one of your video clips. You can do that by just right clicking on the end of that video clip and click on apply the full transition and you'll see it will again add a transfusion to both the video and the audio. So I just want to do a fade out on the video. I don't want to fade out on the audio so I'm going to click on this constant power. Deleted enough or play back you'll see that the video will just fade out. Can do the same at the beginning of your video. So let's get to the start. Zoom in here and I'm going to right click on the beginning and click on apply default transfusions delete the audio and I play this back you'll see that it's kind of fade in. All right so that's how easy it is to use transfusions both on video and audio in premia. I'll see you guys in the next video.