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  • Video editing from beginning to end and how to earn money with video
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  • How to earn money with video
  • Visual effects like removing grain, and making video more cinematic
  • Green screen footage, background adjustment
  • Video with color grading and Color correction your video
  • Motion to titles, photos, and videos
  • Edit videos with more dynamic with cutaway footage and photos
  • Moving video with Title, Create Multiple Intro Video
  • Removing Background Noise, Adjustment of Sound
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English [Auto] Hello everyone in this list then we will learn how to create a new prospect an adequate Premier Pro Creative Cloud and how to create new sequins for a new product. There will be premier procreative loud and I will introduce to you our workspace off Adobe Premier Pro Creative Cloud. So let's take a look how to create a new product in and will be Premier Pro Creative Cloud when you will run and will be Premier Pro Fredy cloud software on your computer then these dalam box will appear to you. And Im should must remember is that every video editing you have to create a project for editing any kind of video in andouille Premier Pro Creative Cloud. So electing this new product option from here to create our first project I'm selecting this new product options and then a dialog box will apair to here is the name field. That means you have to put in name for your prose victim writing because the one so project one this is our prosaic name. And then the real gate location location means where this product will be saved on your computer. You can change locations folder or you can put the default wrote up dissaving folder by default. It's in my documents folder in my local computer. And if you want to change this saving folder then you can use this browse option and you can select your path for where this product will be saved. And then you will create the general option in general Gage some option for video rendering and playback. You will get some video display format. It will gate some of the video does audio display format options capture format options and here. So let's take a look what's more options available for video format. I'm selecting from here and you can take a look here is more options in here like feed frame 16 m m free frames 35 m m and frames MASM keeping timecode is good. I'm selecting time code and then you will get audio display for me in here. It will get some audio samples are mainly seconds from Mirriam selecting here and it can take a look audio samples and milliseconds. Options are available and hear what audio samples is good and then the capture format in here you will get DVN HDTV option from here no matter what it is DVM selecting these DV up from here and here it is divi and DBP options available in here and selecting DV and then selecting Okay here we go. This is the interface off Adobe Premier Pro Creative Cloud so we just created a product and Rightnow we really learned how to create a sequence we just created a project but to edit any video you should most have to create in sequence. So lets take a look how to create a sequence to create a sequence. You have to select this file menu option and selecting in here and then you will get the new options in here and and after the auction they relocate the seek options and here are you can use Cointreau and in turn from your keyboard. Sam selecting this sequence options from here. Here we go. And another taluk parks will appear to you. This is the sequence dialog box. So let's take a look what functions are available in the sequence dialog box. You shouldn't just have to write in name for the sequence and writing a sequence named tatties sequence for product 1 figurines with her product one this is all sequence them and then you will get some pre-sets for creating sequence please hit me in some video frame size on to your frame size pixel aspect ratio and others is provided by added with Premier Pro. So you don't need to create a mentally and irrigate some presets different templates for your design or sequence. Suppose you want to edit it video from your DSL or camera then you will get some preset sequence template again the premier. Really cloud. So let's take a look how to select a preset sequence for diesel or camera and selecting this. Does it show a similar option from here. In selecting here and then you will get more options in here and there is an atypical cell. Four hundred and eighty pixel and 720 pixels are available in here. So they're selecting just Cowden and a typical options from here. And then they will get some preset sequence to embed and heckling them selecting sequence template that is housed in an 80 pixel with 24 frames per second and selecting it here and then we will get the information for this template that the frame size frame rates pixel aspect ratio or audio settings to all the information you will get in here. And if we want to edit your video with seven hundred and twenty pixel then you will have some preset sequenced up and from here I am selecting the seven hundred and twenty pixel. It will create some more pre-set sequence and here if you want to it in MPD or with seven hundred and twenty pigs will be 50 frames per second. It will get some options and here I am selecting these options and you can take a look in the information frame size frame rate pick that aspect ratio feels audio settings all informations are appearing in here. If you want to create or if you want to edit any for graffiti or then you will get some for k pre-sets sequenced and Ben in here. To edit it or create a sequence for for play video you have to select this raid are three options from here selecting this raid are three options from here and in the real caves different type of preset sequence Templin and hear him selecting these four key options and they will get many more pre-sets sequenced and from here if you want to eat any fork of video with 25 frames per second you will get this preset templates. From here I was selecting this and you can take a look at the frame size frame rate Biggs's aspect ratio fields audio settings and all other information that will get from here. And if you want to edit any video from your mobile device then you will get some preset sequence to get from here and selecting these more violent devises options from here and it will get some preset sequence template. And here I am selecting a sequenced template in here and you can see the information of this pre-set sequence Temperence like the frame size. It's a little smaller then for K.R. be a smaller than a frame size is 15 frames per second there is pixel aspect ratio fields and audio samples all the information you get in here. If you want to add any custom sequence then you have to select a setting option. And then we gave the A team mode if you will get some custom options in here and we'll will get some more Castro options from here. And you can put the frame size as you will want. You can put the frame size in here you can select the pigs that aspect ratio from here. You can select the fields from here D-SLR far match audio settings and the simple cerate from here and all the others functioning will get in here in the video preview mode. It really didn't here it is. And if we are any kind of others format the codec options will get in here. So this is the fee for custom creation off sequence. So I am moving on digital a similar option. I want to take a preset templates for diethyl or camera and I am selecting these thousand pixels 24 frames per second these presets sequenced and I want to use in our product some selecting this preset sequence template and then selecting OK options here you go. This is our sequence review off and we premiere procreative cloud. So now we can take a look at time lines and time line is here. This is our sequins box and here you can get them in your library. Libraries in four. And then you will get the effects and history from here. And you can take a look at the sequence which is created and which we just create in the premiere procreative cloud. You can take a look from here and this is the time line. So we all really created our project and this is our sequence for our product. You can take a look that proves that claim is the one. And this is just sequence. So this is how it will create the prospect and sequence in andouille premier procreative cloud. So let's introduce with the workspace of off to be Premier Pro Creative Cloud. This is the area of timeline we will gauge V1 V2 Vietri. That means it is the video track and there is a 1 8 2 8 3. That is an audio track. This is the time line for video and audio track and this is the program preview for our project. It can take a low or you can take preview off our timelines video in here and this is called Sursum in charge. It will create the effect control audio clip McPhearson metadata in here and you can you can add some videos in the source community or that means which video will this prove that you can take a look before inserting this video on our timeline to prove the point. So this is the preview of your workspace or you can change the workspace preview from selecting the window menu and then investigate the workspace option and it will get some more workspace options in here. You should all of us keep the editing workspace in here if you want to use workspace for graphics. The neocons select graphics workspace option here Riego you can take a look. Our workspace is just changed and it's now in Graaff weeks a workspace mood are if you want to create our workspace for a fixed workspace are you can if you want to use our Rackspace for audio Lanegan selecting here. But as for editing you should must have to keep editing workspace in andouille Premier Pro Creative Cloud. So here is our editing workspace options in here. So this is what we learn in this place and that is how to create prose that had to create sequence and we just introduced with the workspace off to a Premier Pro Creative Cloud Pinku.