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English [Auto] OK so now we move on to the CPP you installation of Pitre which is extremely easy. And if you come from other frameworks you start to realize how amazingly easy it is to install PI torch wave support. So on the official Web site there are instructions for you to follow on how you can install it on your Sibiu all you but to keep things simple you can follow the instructions given here. So if you are familiar with installing by yourself if you're free to follow the instructions on a website but for us all you need to need to know is that if you're installing on the nuts and Mac OS you have the same exact command as you can see here is Konda install Python touch touch vision Desch see some and you get the exact same home on a Mac OS. And to give you an example of how simple it is to install this package all you need to do is to up your command line. So you have come on line here and you just do Khanda just lift it up here install pide Deutsche Tajh vision. There she saw me. And there you go. That has run its course. And with this we can begin all the code that we will do in the coming introductory courses. Now take some time for this and don't worry too much about it. It should probably take then all is going to take less than a minute or so so you can see here. I've already been stopped by torch and touch vision. If you really have an existing installation Don't be afraid to do the same command again because what happens is that if you have an old version you will automatically update your old version to the latest distribution here which as you can see is 0.1 from 1 to. I'll go talk to you more about what each region for now you don't have to worry too much about it.