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English [Auto] So now I'm gonna show you just how fat you can become by building up both challenge slides in real time using the same exact strategies techniques and shortcuts that we just covered in less than two minutes so you can think of this as a full review in real time of everything we've covered so far and feel free to race me if you like. Here on a blank slide I've had a sip of coffee. So ON YOUR MARK GET SET READY GO THIS WILL BE person number 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 0 4 w control back bracket I will shrink it up to 3 4 5 person 5 put them at the bottom but that's the left to the sweeping through thing two three four five duplicate wipe out the tax escape all three four shape fill blue hold the shift key up squeeze my mouse I like that old six and at the back let's go a line across my slide four or four W four one two three four five six ten now under the bottom and this announcement of the top then take them all vertical distribute let's make this all four asked for dashes five time all even align this on my slide a bit more add title make it bold back bracket B for bottom L for Left duplicate make it bold I'm gonna use the non smart guide version two three four Two as you can see that would look like left vertical I'm going to win each district horizontally I'll move it up about there on the next one running a time to these ones all JD w I'll make it three control shift to the right click gain control H find what title that's gonna kill me experience find one two three four five escape pace and I'm done so just under two minutes in total and I made a couple of mistakes along the way but that's how fast you'll become with a little bit of practice once you put these strategies techniques and shortcuts just learning into action and they'll see you hundreds if not thousands of hours over your career and help you move up the ranks faster and you'll be able to accomplish more in less time compared to your peers. Now the next video we're going to expand our challenge slide out even further and begin looking at managing more complicated layouts.