The Animated Chart Project Introduction

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This is an introductory video to Animating Charts PowerPoint project.

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English [Auto] Welcome to another project in PowerPoint master class this project animating chards we're going to learn how to add and enemy charts. So I'm going to just showcase what we're going to achieve in this project. And if you're interested please join me in the lesson to come to learn how to create these charts and animate them. Let's preview the project together. We will have the chart and we will have it animated from the bottom up. But this is not the great thing we're going to be achieving. The thing is that we added four different charts for the years 2014 up to 2017 and we can cycle through them by just clicking on the buttons. So if you're interested to learn how to create charts and animate them and have them cycle in this way join me in the next lesson where we're going to learn how to create all these things. Let's get to it.