Finding Custom Fonts for PowerPoint Presentation

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Modern PowerPoint Presentation: Be a Creative Pro

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  • Create Eye Catching, Modern PowerPoint presentations from scratch
  • Design 20+ Multipoint, Business Process flow and Timeline slides in PowerPoint
  • Lots of secret tips & tricks to create modern PowerPoint slides, quick & easy, so time consumption will never be a concern for you
  • Get lots of modern design elements like Icons, Vector images, Custom fonts, Mock-ups, Stock Images etc, & learn to import + edit them in PowerPoint
  • Add subtle, but smooth and Professional animation, transition effects to all the slides, you have designed in PowerPoint
  • Use PowerPoint Slide Layout and Slide Master for Efficient & fast Slide design process
  • Design and Animate a Minimalistic Title Slide in PowerPoint
English In PowerPoint fonts classified as 2 types. .. Safe Fonts and 3rd Party fonts or custom fonts or Unique fonts. Simply all other fonts except safe fonts. When designing corporate presentations, that need to travel outside the organization, using a unique font is risky, no matter how beautiful it is. Why it’s so? When you use 3rd party fonts other than safe fonts in your presentation, it’ll work well on your computer. But it won’t look the same when you open the same PowerPoint file in your office computer or on others. Do you know why? Because that new computer won’t be having that 3rd party font installed. So what? Can’t I install it? Well! Only in some cases. Let me explain. There are 2 ways you can take the 3rd party font along with your presentation. 1. By embedding the font along with presentation 1. By embedding the font along with presentation 2. By having the font installation file itself. Then what’s the problem here? Well! Only truetype font format can be embedded. Moreover some fonts which don’t have distributable license won’t allow embedding. Not only that, Mac doesn’t support PowerPoint font embedding. Are we limited to the native fonts in PowerPoint, then? Nope! You’ve got Google fonts. Though it needs to be installed on the presenter’s computer. Installation is far easy and it can be embedded along with PowerPoint presentation file too. So now, I’ll show you how to choose, download, install and use selective Google fonts onto your windows computer. For Mac users, you too follow the steps still downloading Google fonts. I shall attach the Google font installation procedure on Mac as an external resource to this lecture.