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English [Auto] OK so now we are done with the journal settings. Let's move to the writing settings page by clicking writing. OK. So this is a writing setting speech now the first option is for making can work in articles like this symbol and this symbol to graphics on display. Which means that if you type like this and this in your post are Commander enure they will be automatically converted to graphics like the Smileys we use in Jarts. So if you warn that conversion to happen you can keep project if you want the symbols to appear just like this. You can uncheck them sturdily after you get the other option is Verd pestered correct. Invalidly nested ex-regime automatically. That means that in your posts if you will add esteemable and it got some error. Invalid WordPress will automatically corrected. So if you plan to use such things you can check market or keyboard and check as you like. The nexus for all post-cart agree here. You can just select any of the available one which you want to be different. By default if you publish your pose it will automatically lie under the category you'll select here. Defaulters and categorize ogee that if all post formats there are multiple PPOs format which you can use. For example a standard aside Jad gallery link image Goldstraw test video or audio. That means what type of post you're working on. Will go to all these options one by one in our post lecture. So let's leave it as it is for now. OK you didn't have the option to post why email is an option where you can just create an email and send it to you were press and it will create a post out of it and make it live for that. All you have to do is set up a pop 3 access email account and it should be a very secret email account because anyone can. If anyone turned that email on that account it will be made live. So by default WordPress recommended these random strings which can be used as emails. You don't need to go deep in this. Not many people use it and I don't prefer using it as well because in email we cannot it and create a post as good as we can do in the Post editor or for us. So we'll just let it go and in the end there is a bridge services here. You can see the IPC dart bingo magic dot com is added which means that when ever you will oppose this service will be pinged. Means that this thread will be given a signal that we have a new post so let the search engine and other networks know about this Newport's. So you don't have to worry about any of these. In the end of discourse trial in which there will be multiple services which you can add that's all. These were all our writing settings.