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English [Auto] So. Now let's take a look at some of the settings and see what we can do with this basic word perseid. Let's move to the settings in wordpress settings. OK you does that mean immured epic trailers. All right so now we have the tagline it seems that this team doesn't support tag line because it has nothing written below it so we can just ignore it. I will show you proper usage of tagline in the next video which will be which will in which we will be setting up premium or what you can see Pretty's work press team or. The word press WordPress address your title or this URL you can just at them. We can just keep the same we don't we don't need to do this. OK. And then we have the email address you can add your email here. I've added mine if we want to make our website a membership website which means that a user can register to it. Then you can take market. If not then you don't have to. So we'll just leave it like this. I don't want people to register to one website. All right. And the next is new news the default rule if this option is marked. That means that users can adjust her. Then the options come in play. That means that if you don't you just heard registers. What role do you want to assign that user. We have these rules administrators subscriber contributor author and editor. So let me just explain them one by one administrator is the person we have admin access to all the features of Wordpress like in this insulation case. I'm the admin. Then we have the subscriber subscriber is a person who can just view his profile and who is connected to your website and nothing more than that and the contributor role is a user or person who can contribute to your website means that he can also create a post but he cannot publisher he will add it as pending review and admin or an editor will take a look at it. He did it or whatever and then decide to make it live or not. And then we have Arthur. OK so the authors of rule can create up pause and also can make it live on the up side of side can have multiple authors. So there is one section one artery cannot delete or publish any other authors post. He can only believe it is on. All right. And then you have the editor the editor the person who have all the writing access to all authors and contributors both he can indeed publish daily and yachters post and or any contributors post. Ok so if you are making it a membership site I suggest that always keep it a subscribers so that the users who are registering won't be able to play with your content. OK so the next option is time zone where you can select the time zone of your country. So the word press time you see the publishing by another time will be your local time. Same goes for the date format. What type of form would you want to see. So you can select the one option and the time former same thing. OK. And then the week starts on by default it's Monday. But in countries like mine Sunday is the first week day. So you can select the one you want. OK then you decide language you can select whatever language you're comfortable with. And when you see if changes the word press will be transmitted to that language. OK so let's save it for now. All right. So these were the journals are things we just take a look at. Now let's move to the right things are things.