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In this module you learn the basics of Self Service BI, the new trend in building reports with Microsoft Excel. You learn the basic terminology of data warehouse, data mart and the right place of Power Pivot in the flow of data, from raw tables to exciting reports. This background theory will greatly help you learning better the next lectures.

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Power Pivot Workshop Beginner

Learn how to start using Power Pivot for Excel creating your own data models.

02:50:26 of on-demand video • Updated December 2014

  • By the end of the course, you will be able to create simple models in Power Pivot, loading data from different data sources.
English [Auto] Welkom for the Thorus model all the power people cause I want to briefly introduce you to ward off our be-I power be-I is the author lingo from Microsoft for cell service be-I. It is a set of Excel tools that contain not only power but even power view view our map and power query. All things are a set of tools that will greatly improve your reports. Let's do a quick introduction to the cell service business intelligence. We will introduce the current trends in the world of business intelligence. And then we will see a few demos of the Microsoft offering including power pivot power query power view and power map. The tablet business intelligence is more than 50 or so old now its main goals are discovering relationships and trends in data quickly Annelise a huge amount of information and providing gotten a holistic view of company data in order to do that. We have several Thusa and the starting point of almost all the business intelligence solutions is the data warehouse. This is the main repository of all the company data and it is built on getting data from all the system available and providing information to what are called the data market. We charge a departmental views of the data in the company data warehouse also provide what is called the single version of the truth so that you don't have to worry about the data quality. However the data warehouse by itself is not the solution is just a tool. In fact for any report you need the assistance of the I.T. Department and when you need the report to you as to the IP you wait for somebody to create it and maybe you need 1 day 1 week 1 month depending on the priorities that the I.T. department has. Finally when you receive your report you realize that is what you needed and so you go back to the IP and you restarted this process again in order to shorten the report production cycle. Users started to load some data in Excel creating a huge and compass calculations and then they shared that the Excel workbooks with their colleagues by email and so in the end excel and outlook became the repository for the day to day business intelligence instead of the data were housed in the daytime hours. For this reason providing tools for a cell set is be-I is a way to empower end users creating their own data models and they are business calculation and not only the reports based on models created by data warehouse experts. One of the benefits that we obtain is the time to market. And of course there are some skills that you have to learn in order to get the best of these tools. In particular you had to get some knowledge about the data modeling because now you can create your data models. You have many tools integrated in Excel to use for creating your own data models. The core of these tools is power pivot because power enables you to create the data models that will be used by all the other tools available. View of query power map. And of course the table that you have in Excel you will gather data from different data sources including your data warehouse. If you have one company databases but also other data that you may download from the internet in the next demo you will see a quick overview of all these tools available in Excel.