Overview of consciousness and physical correlates

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This is an overview of how the different layers of your consciousness - the mind - correlate with different parts of your physical body. It describes the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of the human body-mind. A PDF of the infographic is available for download in the Resources section.

Higher Mind

  • Spiritual channel
  • Truth only
  • Nonlocal intuition

Conscious Mind

  • Beliefs versus truths
  • Placebo
  • Nocebo

Heart Mind

  • Nonlocal intuition
  • Heart rate variability
  • Balances emotions

Subconscious Mind

  • Beliefs versus truths
  • Placebo
  • Nocebo
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Inner child

DNA Mind

  • Optimal gene expression
  • Risky gene expression

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English [Auto] What I did was kind of categorize our different layers of consciousness and some of this is philosophical but it gives me a way to categorize it so I can make it teachable and give you a different process that is to do with to work with each one. My it's my philosophy that we're spiritual beings and because of that our higher mine is the part of us that kind of sticks out of our body like an antenna and connects with the infinite field. The unified field which scientists are still trying to come up with a mathematical model for and the unified field is just the energy that connects everything and everyone including the spiritual realm with the earthquake. Scientists are still trying to figure it out. That's what things like the Large Hadron Collider are still going on there trying to figure out all the components of energy and figure out where everything inter relates together. If you're a spiritual person then this is this is the part of you that you're really tapping into when you do your spiritual practices and it's part of you know only knows the truth. And it is literally a spiritual channel. And this is where we can get a lot of our non-local intuition and non-local intuition is intuition that comes from an unexplained knowing has nothing to do with pattern recognition or memory retrieval which is which is what regular intuition is. That's the type that the traditional site scientific model studies and looking at how the conscious mind and the subconscious mind work together to bring up old memories or see patterns and situations so it helps you into something. This is different. This is non-local intuition this is. And I can literally give you examples. When I went to Sedona it's it's a place where I go for a spiritual journey it's where I connect with the divine. And I met a person their names the tire. And she basically is clairvoyant she's an artist and she does and she paints. And then while she's painting she gets in the flow and she gets messages for you and she's a very spiritual person. So this is coming from a very pure place a place of love. And so while she was painting my picture she said it wasn't a picture of me it was actually of a butterfly. But well she was painting it. She said I see you going to Germany to get a medical device. And I said OK I don't have any plans to go to Germany. I went home and I went back to work. I was on the nightshift and there was a family practice Mayo resident working with me that night. And that's how we met. He's a good friend of mine now but he came up to me at the end of the shift and said Hey I hear you're in alternative medicine. I said yes are you. And he said Well my parents are you know have a clinic in Germany. They they're actually a world class alternative medicine clinic that gets Saudi princes and things like that. And so he grew up with that. And so we were chatting and he wrote down two websites on a piece of paper and handed it to me. One was his father's Web site for his clinic and the other was on the net and it turns out On-Demand was a medical device I used in my practice that was made and guess where Germany. So this happened about two to three weeks after I got back from Sedona this experience and the type of picked up on it. And she's actually a good friend of mine to this day. But how could she know that there's no way she could have pulled that up from a memory retrieval or a pattern recognition out of her subconscious or her consciousness. I never mentioned anything I never told her I was looking for a device or anything like that. So this came through her higher mind. Her spiritual mind her spiritual self or spiritual consciousness from the Unified Field which is everything and everyone that energy because there is no empty space. That's the paradox you call it empty but it's teeming with energy because our universe guess what came from energy. That's what the big bang was and at a few seconds after the Big Bang there was nothing but energy the heat was so intense hotter than the center of our sun. And eventually things sort of to cool and massed order to form. Now I don't I don't take away the spiritual component of creation. I think there is a best of both worlds Actually there is a science in the spirituality where the two merge is where we're going to find the true answers. So this is a spiritual mine. I think you'll get it. You start to know what love non-local intuition is and I can give you one other example. That wasn't my non-local intuition that was the time. But after that I had always believed that it was possible but that was proven to me that day or later when it was shown to me. So it became part of my belief system and after that I had one other experience actually several others but one other one was when I was with a starting resident center in Jacksonville Beach my Integrative Medicine Center and I asked I had Brenda Dyson come by because she said I need to come meet you I'd like to consider working at your clinic I'd never met her I'd never heard of her. So she came by and she was a massage therapist and a cranio cicle therapist and I said OK let's let me let you do work on me so I can make sure you're fit. So she started massaging me and then I got really relaxed and went into a very deep meditative state and and she did cranio sacred work. And as she was doing that I kept hearing Andy. Andy I say I keep hearing Andy and I had never had an experience like that. This is really adamant I'm going to ask her if she knows somebody named Andy. But I was also hearing Andy's sister Andy and Andy's sister I kept hearing that too. And when we were done I went we went outside in the waiting area and I said Do you know a guy named Andy. And she said no. But my best girlfriend and Marilyn is in Indy and he kind of takes your breath away when when you have an experience like that. And then I said well what's going on with Andy's sister and she said her sister just entered hospice with stage breast cancer. So I get chills telling you about it because it was a very powerful spiritual experience for me. It shows you can tap in to the spiritual realm while you're on the earth. What literally happened was my higher mind because I was so relaxed and so open to something beautiful like that that I had that experience in my higher mind tapped into the unified field which included which included Brenda. And that was heavy on Brenda's mind. She wasn't trying to bring it into my session but it was having on her mind and I picked up on energy. Now I don't have those types of experiences everyday if I did I'd cry of a television show but I honestly believe I'm allowed to have those experiences so I can share it kind of like a testimonial on it's not a traditional religious type of testimonial it's kind of very broad and open but it is a powerful story and I want you to know that you're capable of those experiences and I would probably say you've had some. And and everybody's said synchronicities pop into their life or an unexplained knowing and you what you're doing is your higher mind is tapping in to the unified field bringing in non-local intuition and guess guess what receives this. It's not the brain. It's not the brain that's received the non-local intuition it's your heart and the heart math Institute has been around for many many years and they're on the cutting edge of research as to how the mind and the body work. And they really study the heart and heart rate variability which is the beat to beat variation of your heart beat. And they understand that the heart has its own mind. It literally has its own brain because think about it when it's cut out of the body in place. And as a heart transplant into another person they've severed the Vegas nerve the main nerve to the heart. They've severed the spinal nerves the nerves that regulate its function. So when it's brought out of the body it's functioning on its own and that's why it's got its own brain its own nervous system and that is what I call your heart mine. It's not only physical it's emotional and spiritual because you know when they talk about having a heart centered life and engaging people with your heart. It's solid science that that is legitimate deal because it has its own consciousness. How could it not it's part of your body your entire body is conscious. And so what heart mass shows do their studies and we're going to go into this how this study works but they literally show through scientific methods that your heart mind receives intuition first then your trance transmits that to your conscious mind and then your eyes pick it up and the experiment is pretty fascinating. This is heart rate variability. This is the variation of the heart. Next week we're in I'm going to show you an app that you can use to monitor your heart rate variability and objectively show how well you're doing with your meditation practices and balancing your Autonomic Nervous System and your body your autonomic nervous system is totally tied in your heart rate variability because this is a direct reflection of balance in this system and this system is consist of the sympathetic and the Paris of that arms. PS This is your autopilot. This is the part of your nervous system that's regulating your body without you consciously thinking about it. So it regulates your breathing your heart rate your your blood pressure your digestion releasing pancreatic enzymes releasing bile you're not consciously regulating that this part of your nervous system as it has to Orme's sympathetic parasympathetic sympathetic is the fight or flight. You've heard that term before it's the stress response the parasympathetic is the rest and digest. And it's the relaxation response. And that's what I want to have you trigger when you do your relax breathing and when you do your meditation and your prayer your mindfulness practices. And once you do trigger that relaxation response because when you do it helps balance your Autonomic Nervous System because most of us are predominantly in a sympathetic nervous system tone because of everyday stressors and worries and kids and jobs and finances et cetera. So we're skewed in this this way. The vast majority of people. That's why it's very important to do practices like mindfulness meditation forgetting breathing to bring your parasympathetic tone up to match the sympathetic because if you stay in a sympathetic predominant it's going to eventually result in a breakdown of your body's systems. Stress exacerbates any acute or chronic disease or illness process. So we need to use mindfulness meditation forget breathing to bring up your parasympathetic to balance it out. This is mobilization response that talk to about that last week it's kind of a mixture of sympathetic and parasympathetic where you're so stressed you can't move your stuck like you can't even get out you know like a used example of an airplane landing with a fire in the back and you just sit in your seat and the doors open and people rush out to stay seated. That's because you're so stressed you have an immobilization response. What happens when you start using breathwork and meditation to balance your nervous system. It makes it way less likely that you're ever going to have that type of experience. That you will just be frozen because you will practice going into a relaxation. Balancing your nervous system so that immobilization never kicks in. Well so going to talk about how you can use your heart consciousness of your heart to balance your emotions. Meaning if you're you're struggling with a recurring theme of regret or anger I can I'm going to show you a method to go through your heart consciousness to help at least balance it out. If not help eradicate and then conscious mind and subconscious mind how they are related. This is your everyday thinking analytical caught up in your mind monkey mind. This is conscious my subconscious kind of correlate with your autonomic nervous system and that it's your autopilot it's the part of your consciousness that's helping to regulate your autopilot. And a lot of times we have things stuck in our subconscious that we don't even know are there like limiting beliefs that originate in childhood. And I'm going to show you method how to remove those limiting beliefs down the road. But consciousness conscious mind subconscious mind that's where beliefs versus truths are because not every belief is a truth despite having that belief. Have you learned a process to discern which is which is a truth and what's not. We're going to talk about the placebo and no see CVO the true science behind the power of belief. The research is mind boggling. It really is. And then finally DNA mind that's just one I made up because I haven't seen anybody call it that. But my emphasis here is that I'm using it as a way to categorize how your thoughts how your Autonomic Nervous System balance how your how your your thoughts that trigger relaxation literally change how your genes turn on and off with the study that showed the group that listened to a guided meditation 15 minutes a day for eight weeks. They literally when they tested their DNA analysis at the end of that eight weeks they literally had genes that change their genes had now turned on that were triggering an ox less oxidative stress reducing your overall information in inflammation and improving your mitochondrial resiliency the batteries in your cell and also that that was an anti-aging effect because it was resulting in a generation of the Inzi or chromosomes called telomeres. And I know that's a lot of science but I really want to drive it home because I want you to see how powerful your mind is in influencing dis ease or wellness in your body. And then in her child that's a part of your subconscious. A lot of our inner child's children are wounded and this is actually I'm saving a lot of detail on inner child for an advanced class because it is an advanced process to try and go work with a wounded inner child. And we're not going to go into a lot of detail about that other than just re-introducing you to your inner child so that you can invite her to come out and play more be more spontaneous and fun and silly.