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Today we will learn : What is Postman

API Client
develop, test, share, document APIs

Step 1: Open Postman webpage - https://www.getpostman.com/

Step 2: Create a free account

Step 3: Activate the account

Step 4: Download and install postman app

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POSTMAN API Testing - Step by Step for Beginners

learn POSTMAN Step by Step from scratch with real world examples

02:41:53 of on-demand video • Updated February 2021

  • By the end of this course you will have complete hands-on knowledge on working with POSTMAN
  • In-depth understanding of all features and settings of POSTMAN
  • You will be able to create end-to-end API Testing projects with POSTMAN
  • Complete hands-on knowledge on How to run your tests from command-line and Jenkins Continuous Integration
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English [Auto] Hello and welcome to the session on Forstmann beginner tutorial I'm Rakove and we're going to start a series for Forstmann beginner tutorials and here we are going to go. Very basic. Step by step and we will start from scratch so if you do not know about Forstmann and if you have never worked with postman do not worry we will go very basic step by step and learn everything about postman. So in this session we are going to introduce postman. So what postman is postman is an EPA claimed and it is used to develop Sheir and document. EPA is supposed to Maness all about EPA you can create your EPA you can do manual as well as automation testing of ABS. You can share and calibrate your abs and you can also create a documentation for your EPA. So let us go to our dovo and let me see Forstmann and hit enter and I will get this link. Just go here and this is the home page for postman. And here you will find a link to sign in. So let us go to sign in and here you can go to create account. And once you to create account it will ask you for an e-mail. You can select or use a name. Select a password and then create a free account and you will get email for activating your account. So once you have been this you will get email something like this and you will click on my email. And here I'm getting it is already verified because I have already verified my email. But in your case you will get a message that your account is now confirmed and then you can go in with sign in. So I already have an account created so what I will do is I will go and do a signing with my username and password and let us sign in to postman. Now here you will get a dashboard and on the dashboard you will get some links. And here you have a link to get started with postman. And here you can download Forstmann for Mac Windows or Linux. Now there is also a Qum extension for postman that we will look into in the coming sessions. For now let us download the app and it will download X-C file. And you can see this is getting download. I will just cancel it because I have already downloaded it so I can go and see it. You will get this set up not easy for Horstmann and let me click here. And this will start installing Forstmann on your system and let us root for a few seconds and let it do its work. So after a few seconds to a minute you will get the postman application up and running on your system. It will do some kind of initial checks and then you will get most men when do and after some time you will get this window where you will get some descriptions and some documentation and you can also go to your room and if you go to your chrome extension all the apps I already have Forstmann but you can go to your web store and you can search for Forstmann so you can also add this to your chrome. However we will look into this into more details in the coming session. So in this session we have learned about introduction to Forstmann and we have downloaded and installed Forstmann on our system. In the next session we will start adding and testing our API on postman. I hope this was useful for you if you like it please hit the like button and also share with others. And please don't forget to subscribe to this channel. I will meet you in the next episode of Forstmann. Thank you for watching.