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English [Auto] So and I want to go over to some of the late night. Gisele Lesia ahead for the most part of our project management professional TMZ has a column for them. Today it will read filestore say this is the time of the all time is to make it illegal to eat. It is not to say it is call when this process groups let me at him. How are you. Id love to hear him will be telling us for five main purposes groups him up with an on the same item of Zuk initiating planning executing monitoring and controlling closing business palynology areas of it are committed here by Asmat Lebar the knowledge area Zais as time management and project management as powerhead project's Capital Management Project Human Resource Management a superhet project resource management. What it was humain Lihu Myrna lane interfered with their Ishy in what we didn't get well is anything much wanted to pack in full on sitars and out of my goodwill is really what's wrong with that resource conventicle. I'm interested in. I'm aware that it almost Rore place fact that in not so much rule Bothell processes by the Lemonnier them to Lee. It was thought I'd say this was a lady. Either the anomaly had to limit wouldn't feel as though to said this is our main or many are better than men so our brains are Maliyah men and it in Amadi and a little bit of trouble for our manage the project knowledge the process leading a commitment with obligation would be met with a fully executing process group tomorrow. Project integration management knowledge area. I then implemented resk response McAninch my with applicator was perhaps McGoo the fee executing Druses group that for the risk management knowledge area control resources we can interact with us perhaps more good than the monitoring and controlling process group. My resource management knowledge area them as a couple my need many are either going to get this how are paying for it as Laura said this applicant comes about in a of bowlful on then if Jamelia is a letter and we're here to close it Puram in my head. She was Tamela to close the project or face closer procurement chelate amily anomaly at procurement management was my do it in a way the Calleja would Maggo their help close to the project or face bothered by it. At them of it Tyler Asmat Barthelemy it for us BOHANE Muslim Leila believer that they are focused feel is thought it says when I'm Sylhet get up the phone with quality assurance of Spithead manager quality Clannad human resource management or Spithead land resource management acquire project team spearhead acquire resources Google in my area is much more DIVOLA that project team aspire develop team management project team as the head manager team control communication or Speckhard monitor communications control risks by monitoring the risks Flannelly stakeholder management ASPI blandly stakeholder engagement to drolly stakeholder engagement ASPI monitor stakeholder engagement. I don't. But I share some of our local knowledge area Khabab minda Maha. Maha Joyal considerations Joyal or reship leadership has let us go to see them orbitally and the clear knowledge area fill the day Abdulemam local free and also outputs towards all techniques and lame of you have enjoyed consideration deam less FYI Baartman fossil bakal it is thought to say this that we can limine a mood that can mean that we are at the bottom. It was our topic and we can demand it. Consideration is relative knowledge area of our place with each other. They are always get done that. Of course I'm ill portable Fossel goes along Fossilman hawksbill Joyal consideration only standard that which you stumble. Wish that mine of an orange or law that goes with honor Donna and Martha took control of the ceremony or the law he gets or.