G Major Arpeggio

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Playing Piano: Scales and Arpeggios Vol.I : Major keys

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English [Auto] I'm going to play now the G major arpeggiate I'm going to play this one's only playing one of time. It's important to understand that there are many pages that must be played with the same fingering but I'm going to dedicate want to each page so you can be sure that you are playing the correct accidents. That's very important the correct notes so it's a visual issue. So think of your play watching me how I'm playing this and watching that match of the scale of the return scale per page I'm sorry. So I want to start here with my right here with my finger. Number one I'm going to play this one time me g the B G and as you can see I'm using the same fingering that I use when I play the C Major arpeggio. So G B the I pass my form me back B B B B B C G play this several times. Very slow if you feel that you are playing too. No that's absolutely correct. So you can make sure that you without any mistake and you can always play safe in the process. Very very useful. Going to do this first. Now I want to play two tapes in a B. The more time to me. The three. Now both hands at the same time. Very slow. The fingering fingers one on time and that's a major major.