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English [Auto] OK so on this lecture here we're going to be built in our folder structure for the course. OK so let's go and I'm going to create a folder here I'm going to call this as a mess just like that. I'm going to put it on desktop right now. We don't need to put it anywhere else later on when we want to make this work. Then we'll put it on map or example whatever BHP environment. But right now as a matter of fact let's just do it now and then get rid of it right and get rid of that task. So right now I'm doing my HDD HDD docs in map. I'm just gonna put duffle there in there and I'm going to open it up using my idea that I'm using. Let me see if I come back here. Sorry about that HD dogs. I'm going to be using it and right here. Sorry. I just have so many different screens and that was just on the way there. OK so let's start building our folder structure so inside this folder. And don't worry too much about this externals libraries and display that this is my I.D. put in there. This folder is completely empty right now and I'm just gonna start below putting all the folders in here. So I'm going to create another folder or directory if you want to call it that I'm going to call this includes that's actually inside of my It's a mess and then I'm going to create another directory is gonna be called public OK and those are the two once the two directories that I want to create inside there's a mess folder. Ok so inside the public I want to create another directory. There's gonna be called a CSX OK so that's gonna be that and let's go ahead and create somebody's files. OK so I like to do this with my build in terminal here. OK. Because it's faster for me. So instead of right clicking I can right click on includes and I can do file and do config that BHP right. And if I do a less here you can see that that's their but I like to use a touch command in my Mac and I do in it that BHP so I enjoy creating files. I created a conflict that BHP and ended up BHP inside the includes OK but they don't they they need to be inside another for the core apps and my bad about that. Another directory call app not apps. OK so I'm going to move that and put it in the app. Sorry about the confusion OK so there is three directories one called app includes in public inside the app directory. I have conflict at BHP and in it this where all my configurations are going to be and this is the file that's going to be initializing everything inside my includes folder ok. Not there I'm going to create the header that BHP and I'm going to create a footer OK. So you can see inside includes the footer and the header OK. Now I want to go to the public directory see I'm inside the public directory right here OK. And you say you are going to create a couple different files. I'm going to create a file called code that BHP I'm going to create another one called and it's going to create another one called reply. You can see why I preferred to use my command line right. I can do create another one called success that BHP so I've got code in that reply success and verify verify that BHP OK. So if we check take a look inside the public directory I have code in there to reply success and verify OK I got five files in there. Inside you see it says I'm gonna right click and I'm just gonna create a manually here I want to create a styles that CSX file. OK. That's all we are going to be doing in this lecture. Like I said we were going to build the structure of our app with files and directories in the next lecture we are going to continue we're going to start having some more fun with this SI units one.