The Sponge tool inside Photoshop CC

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Sponge tool inside Photoshop CC is used to desaturate the image. You can use it to achieve interesting effects, like to desaturate a specific part of the image, or the entire background so that your subject stands out. It is also a valuable tool when it comes to pixel based image graphic design. Check out the how the sponge tool works, in this Photoshop CC lecture.

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English [Auto] OK. Really quick with you right here demonstrating the use of the sponge tool now sponge to goes along with the Dodge tool and the burn tool. Now as you know Dortch tool will brightened image burn to darken the image and sponge tool will saturate the image. There are also other ways of saturating the image you know how it is. You can go to hue saturation and desaturate the image but this one will let you do it selectively to a particular layer or a selection. Ok so both of these great tools they have a shortcut of Oh I think that represents tone the O in tone and if you go this Punch-Bowl OK I have a huge precise here you can actually desaturate parts of the image to certain degrees. OK the mode is by default desaturate up here. You can also saturate the image if you want. OK and you have a flow setting of 77 percent right here. You can increase it or decrease it depending on what you want and you can turn on or turn off Wyverns. We have all the settings here and we'll try them one by one and you can also enable build up effects like if you use the sponge tool once and then you use it again. You can if you enable airbrush. It will add onto the effect. If you disable airbrush it will not do anything extra. Like for example if I already desaturated this part of the image and if I press that part again if it is turned off nothing will happen if it is turned on. It will desaturated further. OK so that's how it works. And now let me just turn up the flow to about 85 degrees 90 91 percent. And as you can see I have you know cut out everything but myself on this layer and I have named it background so if I turned this off and this off everything goes away except for the background. OK so now I am going to use the sponge tool to saturate this layer just just through one click. Like so and when you look at it it will take some time and it will saturate the image. It will not completely detach read it because I have applied a percentage level of 91 percentage so it will not completely saturate the image. And also I have turned on vibrance So if I press control see. It will bring up some of the color back. It is a really subtle difference. At this point. OK so I will turn on vibrance and I will apply this thing again. See what happens OK. So we'll work on it for a little bit since I've turned off Wyverns the effect I think will be a lot more than when we applied it earlier. So this is the fact that we get from turning off Wyverns. Now let me just press control-C and take a look for it. It will bring up the color back. Now I will turn Wyverns back on take the flow to 100 percent and I will turn on the Everest thing. Now I will apply to a smaller region now because it is easier that way. Now it has the surgery that much portion of the grass. If I apply it again it will be saturate again. If I apply it it turns into a black and white image over there through all the portions that I covered. That is if you turn onto the saturated version of it. OK now if I if I go here and do it again on this site it will keep on saturating until it turns black and white. That is because I have turned on the airbrush effect otherwise it wouldn't work this way. OK so I have completely saturated the image almost completely So for those reasons over there. And if I want to saturate that image I can do that too. Maybe maybe I want to saturate this bus over here so I will just go to saturate and then reduce the size a little bit. I'd say bring it down to about 160 and let's say about 448 and I will saturate this part of the image. I will keep on saturating it and that will work too. It will work for a while. OK so that's how you use the sponge tool to saturate and saturate images. Now once I'm done with that I will just bring back me into the picture and use the can. As you can see it creates quite an interesting effect because I am saturated and this area is not saturated. This can also be applied to foreground. But be careful because it's not actually brightening up the image it's actually taking the color off of the picture. It actually works for one of those you know like romantic looking pictures where you have a picture of a rose flower and only the rose flower is red and everything else is black and white. If you want to accomplish that kind of effects you can use this punched holes are gay so try it out and be back for the next video times watching and leave review.