Creating an animated cupcake on Photoshop

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We're going to create an animation from scratch on photoshop. We're gonna draw frame by frame a jumping cupcake. At the end of the lecture you'll have a black and white animation.

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English [Auto] OK on this lecture we're going to learn how to create a cupcake jumping animation. So let me show you real quickly how this is going to look at the end. So as you can see the cupcake is going down and going up going down and going up. So we're going to create all of these different frames one by one and painted and everything has got to be awesome so let's close this thing safe and let's create a new one. So let's create a file and you and I usually go with 14 by 4500 pixels. You can name as its name it jumping cupcake whatever you want to name your cupcake. So there you go. I have my plan canvas here. The first thing that I want to do is create a create a sketch of your cupcake. That way you can. It's always good to start with a sketch. And then on top of the sketch draw your final drawings. That's a good practice. So create a new sketch that sorry you leers at Sketch and then start drawing on top of it. So like the brush tool tip past and probably put around 70. And then and start drawing. So let's create or Cupcake. So her cook is going to be. Let's first do the first part. Sorry. It's like obviously one of your tools one of your sort of one of your brushes. You can select one of the brushes that I heard on the assets and that's going to be the again this is sketch so it does need to be perfect. Something like probably around here. Yeah. There you go. The Probably the fix here. Big smile and raise. I think it's going to be a little bit. Change your Pasotti by accident. You go. And then the legs are going to be something like this. And I always try to keep the shoes of my characters to keep give them always interesting shoes so this one is going to have high heels. You think so is that a way high heels. There you go. And then you all the something around here. There you go. So yes something like this. Just a quick quick sketch so you can draw on top of it later. It's perfect. A little bit more color. I think it's looking pretty pretty good. That's actually this legs I think. This next thing is to be a bit shorter. You go. So what I did is just select the marquee tool or tango or marquee and just select that and then command team so you can start for many of you want to make it longer or shorter or something like that. But you don't want that. So just a quick quick tip so that you can get the drawings. Do that with them. So there you go. So let me too. And again I know this is this case but I want to nail it and really we are on hand. So there you go. Now you have your sketch. You can change your password or you just get to put around 20 and then just read a new layer. This is going to be the first frame on your animation so I'm going to name this later number one so. So I can start crying on top of the start tracing on top of my sketch. So this one is for real so probably you want to be a little bit more careful with your lines. I'm going to have the capacity around 90 percent. You go and you know what I want to Sumanda a little bit. I feel more confident with zooming out go. And it's not just a sketch anymore but it doesn't have to be perfect. Don't worry about it at the end. You just want to be having fun. And one thing that I have to warn you about is that you're going to be drawing this cupcake. A lot of times because it's going to be around five or six frames. They were going to use. So start feeling confident and start liking this beautiful cupcake because you're going to draw it a lot. You go like that. Looking good. It's looking like a pretty cupcake. That you go there you go. We have our first drawing ready let's hide or sketch they go we have our first framed ready while we want to do now is create a new layer saying this one. Number two and then the previous layer you want to change your Pasotti to around twenty five percent and select the layer number two again. And then we're gonna draw on top of the top of the other one so we're going to trace it. And yeah we're pretty much drawing the cupcake again. Do the whole thing don't worry about it. This is a labor of love. As you can see it's going to if you think this is a little bit too tedious and you can fast forward. But I don't know. There's something about something relaxing about drawing these making drawings and making them over and over again. So there you go. I have my body ready but this time I want to raise the arms a little bit because he's going to be going down. So using this same answer I'm going to do this. There you go around there. One two three four and then same over here. One two three four. There you go. Now we have his arms moving a little bit. But what we want now is to move the whole body a bit around there and that we're going to man. And this is where we're going to draw the legs. But the legs should start in the same place as before. As his previous frame they are going to be bend a little bit and the shoes should keep in the same place. So let's do that real quickly. You go sorry something like this. They go they start the legs as you can see this in the same place but they're being bent because he's he's squat. He's doing his squat before he jumps. So there you go. We have our second frame ready. Let's go ahead and do the third one so let's create a gnarly air. His name and number three and then the previous there we're going to put it around 20 percent. So like you're number three again and then we're going to start drawing again. So go ahead and draw the cupcake again. I know. I know. Are you going to say again Pablo. Yes. Again and again we're going to do this around five times. So get used to it. Boom we have or cupcake ready or body there but some eyes and a big smile. And now we're going to make the arms a little bit higher a little bit higher. And let's do that real quick. We can even do this bend to the other side you go one two three four. And now we're going to do the same as before we go lower. Move the pig a little bit lower. These legs are going to bend a little bit more. So he's working at He's he's totally rocking those high heels. You're going to say what you mean him. Yes. Well I don't know if it's a boy or girl. It's up for you to decide. But if it's a boy there's no problem there's nothing wrong with wearing being a boy and wearing high heels. Nothing wrong about that. It could be a boy or a girl. There you go. Now we have our third frame. So let's see how this looks. Let's create a let's create a really quick animation of this. Looks like the layers and bring the Pasotti back to 100 percent. You can see this here. And let's go to a window timeline and when the time line you're going to create a frame animation. So on the first frame you're going to see that here you're going to be creating your timeline. You're going to be adding frames and each frame is going to be one frame of the animation of course and so on this first frame. I only want to have this player number one. So then you can create a new frame here and then in this frame going to high. They are number one and I'm going to show number two on the next one I'm going to do the same one but for three and two. So and then I'm going to have another one in the middle where it's show number two again. And that way it will create a loop. So I'm going to hear instead of once I'm going to be saying that this place forever. So it starts looping. So let's see it. You can press a spacebar and then it starts playing. Or you can play here. So there you go. It's squatting. It's workin it. You get it. So it's a little bit too fast. So what you can do is here you can see zero seconds. But instead of zero seconds change and two point two seconds and it's going to be a little bit slower. So I can see the action of it is going down. Yes. This is looking really good. So this is looking great. What I was thinking probably what we can do is actually squash this little guy a little bit more. You know it doesn't matter. You can't you can pretty much like go to the ER too and then press command T and do this don't. Don't be afraid of doing this like squatch it and then you can even play with the perspective of it a little bit just like that. And then do the same for number three. Number three is going to be a little bit lower. And then let's see how it looks. It might. I might be wrong and maybe I have a hunch that it's going to look pretty pretty cool. See you can even look at their friends but there's some difference there where it's it's it's a squashing a little bit. You know as. Look like a pancake effect but it's this is a cupcake effect. There you go. So this is looking good. Let's leave this frames at the those frames. This was just a preview. Let's close this stuff. You don't need it right now. Let's go back to create the next frame. So in the next frame is going to be the cupcake going up. So let's name this later create a new layer and ask him for. We're going to trace on top of layer one again. So was bring the capacity back to 30 percent or something. So there you go. Salek layer number 4 and then drop on top of the cup draw on top of it. So there you go. As I told you we were doing this again. All you were going to do around 6:00. So pretty. Look at this guy. He's happy. You know what. Let's make him even more happy. He's going up now. So bring a smile to him. Bigger smile. So there you go. We have her body but on this one since he's going up his arms should be pulling down. You know like warm like Gravity is working on his arms. So now we're going to the opposite. We did it when he was going down. We're going to put this arms a little bit stretched. Sorry. Something like this. And then something like that. You know we start the same place. But groups are OK. Yeah let's keep it a little bit weird that meet the lead this finger you go they go. So now we have our arms there a little bit stretched but we're going to do since he's going up going to the opposite end we did when he was going up instead of putting it down. We're going to put it up and then let's drop those legs so those legs are going this time around here. So let's put that same. And those legs are being stressed. So as you can see a little bit of Arc you go through iteration those lakes there you go look at him fly probably stretching went too far but we'll see it was here in a moment. So there you go. Now we have this one. We're going to create the next layer. This is the next layer is going to be number five. He's going to do a little bit higher. So we're going to trace on top of number four it's get passing down to number four and then select number five again and then let's roll on top of a cupcake. We're doing this again all year. Yes they go that's what I'm talking about. Boom boom. Beautiful. So now we have a body that's stretch those arms a little bit more. Just like that going down that gravity you know boom and then going to make the same for the for the next X bent a little bit like this and like that you can we can do better. Right. OK. A go. There you go. So now this one is going to be here. It's good to be around here. Let's bring the opacity. Let's see how it's looking now. This one is everything is 100 percent. Let's go to window. Time line this. Open this one again and let's put number one again. Let's bring capacity up to 100 percent screen and you frame number two. Number three the number four then number five I will say the number five can be a little bit higher even. And then it's great. Not a want. And I think it's going to be number four. So let's see how this looks. Woo. Yay yay yay. So it goes from here to here to here from here. Good jumps all the way here. It goes all the way here. So I think it can be a little bit higher. What do you think. Yeah. Just the so at least this game and this make and I get this it all the way to the end and I see how it looks. Yea yea it is awesome. So yeah that's a happy happy cupcake. So you can let's I think as you can see here is going all the way to the top in here. There's a lot of whitespace so you can go ahead and preserve the crop tool and you probably you want to give him a little bit more there. So just move your drawing around here and that should be good. And then obviously you created this where you wanted to create a new solid color so that your adjustments like you're saying good solid color and then you can even give it a different color or whatever you want to give it a for now. And let's play it again. Yeah. Now it has moon for him. So that said you can go ahead and export this is a non-immediate and you will be good. But on the next slide I'm going to show you how to paint. It's going to be a little bit more work but the results are really good. So if you want to pain this stay tuned for the next letter.