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Event Photographer: Start a Photography Business Fast Guide

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  • how to make money with stock photography
  • photo editing for photographers
  • learn to use advance photo editing features in iPhoto
English [Auto] In this Buddika you will be going mobile which is the best tripod we used to use and this one that we're going to be covering is the tripod men up until now. This is my favorite company and actually out of all the many tripods on this is by far the best one I have used. In fact it's so good that they usually use this to fill myself in fact I'm using an emergency one because I'm making a film about my favorite tripod so why do I like it. First of all the way it is you can move them up and down. So it gives you more leverage. So when you put it up you can put them on different places. Plus if you really need to just hold it live and you can use it as a so it sticks or it doubles as two different things. Also the head itself you can actually when you press on does the head actually means in different directions so you can easily adjust yourself when you're filming yourself or filming somebody else. Now you can use this two different things you can use this for the small Camelia's or for the big ones and get my emergency kit. This is the Khem I use we use what I've been shooting and small things that I take pictures of and I'm filming myself with my main camera. So if you wait to use you like like a selfie stick or something like that you can easily just put it like this. Here we go have the camera and you can take pictures and if you have like a bunch of people you can just put it up there and take pictures of people above them so you can see what's going on. Windows open a file walks all you've with somebody speaking out to you. You can reach about everybody house and take pictures. This is why I like it. Now this is not just for a small pocket camera. This is also excellent for the big ones as well. So you can actually take a humongous. This is not a camera that's mine and I accidentally actually turn it on and off and you can actually stick it into this camera and all you have to do is just put it on a sulfurous. And that's actually going to balance and so I have no nothing here to put this to show you. But it does bounce. I actually checked that out so it can balance a professional camera. And for heavy winds with it. So this is an excellent thing for you to get. And this is why we like it. So consider that as one of the best pieces you can do for yourself because you are stabilizing your pictures. This is very important. What I want to tell you is if you have a very nice camera. But you want to do is use the tripod because if you just take this light go back and try to take pictures. You can't keep it steady. You need the tripod to support you to take pictures. So the tripod with the camera it's essential. Good but it's even more essential with the beak if you want to take action in sports or things like that.