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Have you seen Twitter's new Periscopes?

I've started doing a daily #Rainmaker "scope". The Periscope broadcasts live to my worldwide audience. When it's over, I turn it into a video which I upload to YouTube and Blog about it.

This is a great example of "repurposing" content to create multiple breadcrumbs from one piece of work.

Here's a sample of my recorded scope, turned into a video.

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English [Auto] Embrace the Rosebowl it's early in the morning. Haven't even gotten showered and dressed and ready but I just finished a periscope a scope that I think is so important when we're learning about how to command big bucks. There's going to be times where you hit a slump when you don't know what to do. And so I just did a whole periscope about a blog post that we're going to do and I thought you need to see this. So stay tuned. Here comes a live periscope about what to do when your backs against the wall. All right. Enjoy. All right well there we go. There we go. Hey good morning everybody. Steve Rosenbaum just sitting up look at my messy office because I'm in the midst of doing some production and I want to make the scope first thing in the morning. Haven't showered. I'm a mess but I'm going to try a new routine here. I want to start today with some great words of wisdom. Things are going to help entrepreneurs just like you and me. I'm an entrepreneur you're an entrepreneur. Love sales and marketing. Maybe you follow my popular rainmaker series. And I wrote a blog post this morning that is going to be in addition to the rainmaker series. And I'm going to I want to know what you think about it. I want to talk about having your back against the wall and what to do. But I want you to give me one minute because what I want to do is I just want let everybody know what we're doing to people Come join us. So let me be right there. Let me just post in a couple places what we're doing have people join us so they're kind of away from us. I guess I am but I'm looking at this monitor here the two monitors here. All right let's see here in my facebook group I just want to let them know so let me see if I could if I can get the link to this. Here we go. Here we go. All right. I'm going to post this to my Facebook group. All right all right all right all right. That's how it goes right. All right. Let me put this over on Facebook. We put it over and linked in. All right. And put it over here on Google Plus re writing and oh they go so I've done that. Oh and welcome everybody. We're back. They got to be sponsored by Babalu right. Everybody knows I love my Babaloo cigars. And so I'm wearing my rolling Fatty's T-shirt. All right. Those of you don't know me. I'm Steve Rosenbaum. I'm author of a few books back in blueprint don't feature in comic books or what do you do. I have a worldwide audience of entrepreneurs. People just like you and me. And my goal and my business my mission is to help small businesses small businesses being mainstream American businesses small businesses being your business in my business. I do a lot of money left on the table. My goal is to bring back 100 million dollars of lost revenue. I don't know how I'm going to track it. OK. But it's my goal and it's always going to happen. Going to make sure it happens. Let's see something. Hang on. That's the top of my book bag and blueprint. So shameless self-promotion. I've also done a series called real life adventures of a rainmaker rainmaker somebody in sales. I spent 25 plus years in the corporate world. Excuse me. In sales and marketing. Many of it in management sales and marketing executive level frankly you know I got busted down a few times. I got fired a few times. I lost my job a few times. I had to start over. And so I know what it's like to have you back against the wall. I know what it's like to wonder where the hell is that next paycheck going to come from. Where am I going to generate revenue from. So sure enough one of my mentees one of my students reached out to me yesterday with that exact situation and I could feel the desperation in his message. I could feel it because I've been there I know it. All right man. And I'm not immune to it either. In my business I've broken through ethics taking my business to a new level. That also doesn't mean that I'm immune to this stuff. I've got a friend of mine Tina Williams and she just nailed it. You know she said you know just she's heaven she's going through some issues and she's got some big medical bills and she's not covered under the new system. We'll leave it at that. The new system. And she says we're either rich enough or poor enough to matter. Right. In other words the middle class. I want to get political but the bottom line is it does mean that we've got our back against the wall. OK. It does mean that we have to know how to go out and make things happen. So I want to share with you a blog post that I wrote this morning based upon the conversation that we had via e-mail with my mentee my student changed his name change a little bit about it just to kind of protect him a little bit. But this is real life. This is somebody who's going through this. Told me what was going on in his life and I responded so it's ok I share it if I share it. Go ahead. Hey Heart me right. I'm new to this periscope thing but Heart me maybe even share this let people know that. Come join you. Let's listen. The Rainmaker series together and help me build this audience it's important to me and I appreciate it. I thrive on your feedback. I thrive on your heart so when you do that and when you comment and tell me you know you hear me in what's going on helps me a lot. Because right now I just feel like I'm talking to my phone. All right. But I do see an audience here. That's cool. All right so back against the wall. What you do. I'm looking at my monitor here so forgive me. I'm not looking directly at you but. All right. So here's what happened. One of my mentees Howard he reached out to me yesterday I could feel his desperation pouring from his e-mail. I know where you've been where I'm at is how it be. And I love this he said kind of like Ernie Banks in a one 3:37 slump and that's how you open his message and frankly that was brilliant because I grew up in Chicago. I'm a big Chicago Cub fan and I'm a big baseball fan so he knows that about me and what he's doing is differentiating himself he's grabbing my attention knowing I'm going to keep reading his message. All right. I've got thousands literally thousands of unread e-mails in my inbox. Sorry folks it's the way that it is. There's always a big competition to get my attention. It was a pretty big contention. OK. Is something that he knows that I love that I'm passionate about so. All right. You got me. Way to Go Howard. I brought in a blog post and that's a brave move. OK. The Chicago Cubs reference which he knew would grab my attention and want me to read more. Despite the fact that I had scores of other messages clogging up a box competing for my attention. Yeah I thought to myself. Howard's been trained well. Yeah. So back to what Howard said. He says part of my issue is I have one foot stuck in the consultant to small businesses where many of them have a problem even coming up with a $5000 retainer and the other foot trying to find traction. Heck even a client in a high end consulting world. OK so Howard Stern. He's trying to get better clients. And he said hey you're hired. Thank you. Hey segue to Tim Burton. Thanks Joel column for the button. All right. Howard continues I know my stuff but can't seem to identify the business owner with the bleeding neck. Can anybody read Perry Melchor. Pierrot Perry Governor Perry Marshall talks about the bleeding neck. Right. So I can't get them to part with up to $10000 upfront and $10000 a month. So he's going for those high end clients $10000 upfront $10000 a month. Cool. Those businesses are out there. You can find them. They will hire you. All right. I like to go after businesses that are doing early on I made this mistake myself. At first I tried to help businesses that I thought needed help because I thought they weren't doing well. So they want to hire me to help them. Big mistake big mistake. All right go. I have two successful businesses that are already successful. But I want to be more successful. Why can be a. Tell me why. Tell me why you should focus on successful businesses that want to be more successful instead of trying to save the ones that are hurting. Give your feedback. Let me know give me some marks. Our show on the blog post where I went. OK. So he closes messaging and says as I'm writing this I'm thinking what would Steve suggest. Yes I'd better go back and revisit the basics he says with a little smiley face Howard. Great guy but he's stuck in a place of always Outremont printers and sales guys and gals have been so since he asked. I thought I'd offer my suggestion. Guess what. Even in the US I'd probably still offer my suggestion just when I do want to help. I showed up Suppose supercup been in New Orleans who's been there. There's been a cafe du Monde have a few other Benet's few too many of the many ways agree with coffee and cigars or Pablo's cigars. I always check this out guys. Check this out. I've got a stack of poker chips here. OK. You know these poker chips are there my business cards. I'm going to do a periscope in a couple of days about them I'm going to do a periscope about why these are much better than these. OK. Why why are these much better than these. Throw those over there that's where they all go. OK. If they don't get thrown over there are two of you here. So let's play with these things. I love them right. Tactile. I love it. Never throw these things out or tell them you're really going to tell you but I'm going to show you a better system. All right. Now back to the blog post where was I. Ah. Ok then Howard. Yes and Ernie always broke out of those slumps. I'm referring to his revenge reference and using his lingo. He was real smart to use that. Ernie always broke out of those slopes and for what it's worth here's what I would do. Predecease and what I do do because I'm not immune to the slumps either. All right. Me real world this happens this happens to entrepreneurs. Happens to businesses. You might look at me and think hey he's got his act together. He never goes through slumps run folks. Newsflash Yeah it happens. It happens to entrepreneurs at all levels. Well it was I just overtook Wal-Mart. OK what do you think. What do you think. Wal-Mart's talking about Nerk conference room right now. All right. All right. You mentioned bleeding neck and I wrote the Perry Marshall reference. Here's another pre-mortal reference rack the shotgun. Make some noise and see who responds. Don't go over the 10000 slash 10000 Rick $10000 upfront $10000 a month predecease those who come with you follow the process and go lay out for your next go for the head turning what was that rather shocking. What was that. Who read Sharga. OK. Go for the head turn and look for the people that turn your head to take action. Right. The person responsible racking in the gut if you haven't read Perry's book 80:20 you really need to add it to your reading list that's in my blog post. I you can put in Affiliate play right find a handful of those head turners to figure out where to spend your time. Up. OK follow up here. Some advice for you. How do you rack the shotgun one demonstrate your knowledge. By the way what am I doing right now. What am I doing right now demonstrating my knowledge which gets what it's also doing at the same time racking the shotgun. I see a bunch of you live right now. So I you give me some hearts and minds and hearts make me feel good. Give me some hearts. Right. And if you just joined me by the way my name's Steve Rosenbaum. This is a brand new thing I'm doing. I'm bringing my rainmaker series to periscope so it's a it's a rainmaker periscope so share it for me please. Let's build this audience. If I get a big enough audience I'll wake up in the morning and do this every morning before I shower. You know looking lousy. Right. So you can see the real me in my messy studio slash office but I'll do that because it's fun. I'm racking the shotgun by the way. All right. I'm demonstrating my knowledge. That's where we left off. Give something of value. Is this valuable if it is valuable let me know please tell me this is good stuff. OK. I'm hopefully giving something of value. Then track admonitory results. Thanks for the recommendation of a 80 20. Is it is it. There is any that is having trouble seeing a little thing on my screen. You're welcome buddy. I might have it. But I get up now you see. Now you see the unflattering part which is my shorts and I were in the house which are probably not safe for the phone. So I'm just going to cover my hair and while I'm over here. Awesome. Awesome Book. 80:20 book. Perry Marshall awesome awesome book. I've also done some of them on 80:20 called the time prophet Maximizer series are and well no serious surprise high profit Maximizer 80:20 is real. I believe in it. Great way to run your business. But that last plug great book. 80:20 by Perry March 5. Now let's move on now. For these people they do have bleeding. That's what caused the rim at the moment. Now what I'm what I'm saying is this. Put yourself out there give something of value. What's going to likely happen is people are going to reach back to you. You're very welcome. Love the comments. I love the love the hearts more hearts. So they're going to reach back to him right in here is what you want to find out for the people that do have bleeding next. What caused the wound and what caused that wound. Is it not enough customers not enough control. Lack of a process increasingly expensive wait. I mean what's that for. OK. Decreasing revenue. OK. So let me ask him. He this is what you want to find out is your business this is what you need to explore what's causing your pain. Not enough customers not enough control. Lack of a process. Increasing expenses decreasing revenue. So we can attack all these things we can attack every single one of them which is going to improve our businesses is what we've got to do and our back is against wall. But now what I'm advising you is you are looking at your you're trying to bring in more revenue to your business now by the way I'm speaking to you as if you're a consultant because frankly a lot of people that follow me that's who it is. OK. A lot of people following you are consultants but this is true for any business. If you sell cheeseburgers Maybe you suffer from not enough customers coming in for your cheeseburgers. Not enough control over the quality of your cheeseburgers. Lack of a process for bringing people in to your business. For more cheeseburgers increasing expenses costs more to make those cheeseburgers having to pay $15 an hour minimum wage to Flook those cheeseburgers. Yet in that. OK. Decreasing revenue. Why. Because five guys open over here and Carl's Jr. opened over there and yada yada yada. Lots of people now flipping cheeseburgers. OK. So all these things contribute to the bottom line is these bullets are what affects every business. So this is what we tackle right now. So I can't continue talking to Howard. And I say I know nothing of your business so I don't know if these are good topics or not. But let's say that they are because this is exactly what keeps business owners and managers up at night. Typo fix it type of Buddy. So question directed to Howard and really directed to use following me who watch me right and also couldn't make a 90 second video about each of these the five things I told you about the demonstrates you understand their pain. You have a solution and here are three quick tips. I'm going to where can you find that post I'm going to post later today. I haven't posted it yet but I'm going to post it on my blog. Steve Rosenbaum dot com and I'll also put a link to it on my Twitter feed and on my in my facebook group my small business marketing group so follow me. Follow me right now on Twitter. Follow me on Facebook follow my blog and you'll make sure you'll know about it. You follow me and any one of those places you'll see it later today. When you do that you can follow me at all those places. That's the way this works. You're welcome. All right. Now I'm going to add something here. I only have three things I said could you make a 90 second video about each of these things you understand their pain. You have a solution. And here are three quick tips. I'm going to add one that's making me think of this as I'm speaking to you right now. Here's what I want to add. OK. You've been there to see that people like you know that you've been there. Q. I said that on this video and in I because it's real. You've read my rainmaker series. You know I've been there. Q I hope you read my remake or series that you got to read my rainmaker series because you can find out that I've been there too. I'm going to add this right there. You understand your pain. You've been there too. OK. You have a solution. Here's three quick tips to make a 90 second video about all those things. Now if you make those videos. Hang on I scroll and I've lost my place. If you made those videos and you strung together on an e-mail sequence with one message per day directed to one driven people to one video all the time with what I call a big orange button those of you following me you know what I mean. But my big word but if my proprietary K call to action button. I put these in my emails. Big ones. Baldwin says if you need help click here. It's a big call action. It's there in all the e-mails all the e-mails that I do for you know certain segments my business prospect and the stuff that you might have seen in my marketing e-mails but I use this a lot when I'm prospecting. So on what happened here OK. So here he asked if you did that struck them all together in a series where was it how many people are you connected with. You could send this sequence out to. This process has worked for me over and over and over you will likely find people showing interest they show interest by clicking on the links watching the videos. You go with me. I haven't seen a heart a few seconds. I love those hearts more hearts more hearts. More comments more shares. Thanks. Yes. Appreciate it. Thank you. All right clicking things. Watching videos filling out my RWA forms RW stands for ready willing and able is ready willing and able. It's a prequalification for. When I get people I get into my phone and they start taking action. He eventually did want to weigh in on what I call the art form. It's a qualification for him. I ask him some pretty probing questions about their business and what I'm doing is I'm prequalified people in gaining intelligence worrying about their business so that if I decide to sit down and spend my time with them I already have an edge I already have an understanding of exactly what they're looking for. OK. So it really helps the sales process. And what I do is I focus my time first and people that have gotten through this process to the point that they're after the pre qualification for the ready willing and able for it giving me that feedback so that I have that edge. That's where I prioritize my time. If I can to if I can pick out where am I going to spend my time today. I'm going to spend time with people that are real far along the process that I have intelligence on that I think I've got a 99 percent chance of turning that into a paying prospect slash cable customer client patient whatever business you're in. This process works for any business. All right that's what I'm going to spend my time on. Now back here. All right the key point here keep going. The funny thing is some of the people that respond will be the people that you would feel were the least likely to show interest. OK. That's because our big brains get in the way don't filter anything. Let the system do the work. Let me repeat that please. That is so important. OK. This gets them away. Don't let it. Let the system do the work. Don't filter anything. Don't say I'm not going to send an e-mail to that guy because you know what. We once had words together two and a half years ago. I'm not going to send an e-mail to him now. Why can I speak to you like this about this. You know why. Because I've made that mistake. All right. But here's here's where I know I actually caught that mistake. What I mean is this. I have clients and I never thought would be caught because something happened some time in the past. All right. You probably have situations like that and I would have thought that. Forget him. He's not going to hire me. But guess what. Because of the work I've had it with these people actually come back and you find out a lot of things. Water under the bridge not a big deal. They haven't forgotten about it. It was a big deal to them in the first place. And you thought it was a big deal with him in the first place. Yeah I've been there I've done that. It's real. That's why we can't let this get in the way. Your systems don't have this. They just do it. They just go straight forward and they do it. Moment how are you liking this guys. If you're joining me I'm Steve Rosenbaum. I'm off of the backing blueprint and also real life adventures of a rainmaker and I'm trying out periscope for the first time. Well I tried out last night for the first time but this is really my first scope of my rainmaker series. And if you guys like this I'll do more of them. I'll get up early in the morning before I shower before I get dressed you can see the real me in my messy studio slash office and you can see what it's like. What I'm doing right now is I'm going to post a blog post that I wrote this morning I'd like your feedback on it. So that's what I'm doing right now and it's all about having you back against the wall. Let me get back to where I was another word of caution this who I was. By the way if you're new here if you're just looking I'm reading something on my screen here so I'm sorry about it. That's a set up. I've got my phone on a tripod. You're reading something here. So a word of caution about this process. Your response rates are likely going to be small and that's OK. I'm only looking for a few. Right. How is it looking for people who are going to spend $10000 for ten thousand dollars a month. OK. So you're not going to get a thousand of those. You thousand of is going to be 10 million dollars a month and $10 million set up. You're not looking for a thousand of those. If you are this is getting in the way. OK. You only need a few of those so don't worry about it. Your response rates are going to be small. What you need though is you need to have a lot of contacts to make this work. If you only have 100 people you're contacting you're likely going to see very little no subjectivity. You know I typically say three to five percent response rate. Well look if you only have 100 people and only three to five people are responding. You know your odds are really down there. So you really have to think your challenge is to get those in front of as many people possible storm with your connections your e-mail account your linking connections your business associations etc.. Expand out word from there all the stuff like this. Take advantage of these new mediums. They do what I'm doing right now. Get on Periscope get out. Hang out let people watch you. OK I've got I'm seeing this right now on my screen as I'm talking to you first periscope I've ever done in all these messages keep flying by. He says this person just followed you. This person just followed you disperse. I think if 30 people have followed me since I started this periscope and they're flying by me so fast that I can't see the names. All I know is it's happening it's happening real time. So and that I'm going to add that to the blog post right because that's happened. Well do not link back to this this periscope video and I'll say by the way this just happened this really didn't happen so you could do this to go to the App Store and get periscope tied into Twitter. Part of the reason I'm doing this folks is because I've neglected Twitter. I'm not doing as well on social media as I should or could because those of you that follow me know that I've I focus on marketing automation and follow up on processes and so forth. So I I focus on the back end. Here's what I teach I teach to lead with your back and I teach it in my book. But the second blueprint I teach lead with your back end and the second chapter and here is the money in the back end. Which proves it out mathematically. It was actually the first chapter in the first chapter here after the fireworks. The money is in the back end. All right. By the way you can get a copy of this book for free and build big biz dot com. Build big biz dot com. Go there right now. Grab a copy of the book for free. Bill big biz do me a favor share it also helped me spread the word. Remember we want to get 200 million dollars from small businesses but twice the money's in the back end but here's the reality. The back end is where the money is. That's where your prospects get converted. That's where I'll prove it mathematically in the book for you you'll see. OK mathematically that when you improve your conversions when you sell more than existing customers which is a much easier sell to begin with your recurring investment grows exponentially faster. Then when you focus on the front end I try to get more traffic and so forth. That being said you can't not have a front end. Have to work together. All right. Now here's a reality about my business. I went into a little secret about my business. I've been focusing so much on the back end trying to get to perfection and it's pretty close that gap is never never going to be perfect but it works and it works very very well. I need to turn more attention to front. I do not have enough new traffic coming in. So why am I trying things like periscopes Why am I going back and trying to take advantage of Twitter right now. It's for that reason. These are things I've neglected in my business so I am evaluating my own personal business and doing things to ratchet it up. Now here's what I know here's what I know because I've got my back end in place. For instance when you go claim my book and build big does not come you're getting into my back end. OK you're likely going to become a customer of mine at some level right. That's OK with you right. If you're scared of becoming a customer of mine to know do this OK. Because my marketing works. But if you want something of value and you're not afraid of great content from somebody and maybe even paying for something here. Go grab a free book read value that wasn't meant to be applied you kind of ended up being that way. But just like it doesn't tell you why I'm working on periscope or white Twitter. We've got all right. Did I offend anybody. If you like it give me some hearts if you're offended I case you'll leave. I'm sorry. All right. A cup of coffee here cybercafe here I show up again towards the end of what I said to Howard and I asked him a favor. Love Russell pricey here right. When you have success and you will have success with your I'd like to do a case study for you to demonstrate what you did how you did it and the result you achieved. I have a whole community that will benefit from this. Go get em and good luck Steve. And I've got a couple of answers here. But is your back against the wall. Are you looking for more clients more customers more patients et cetera. Put this process to work for you and then comment back and let me know your results. Who knows maybe I'll need one of my success stories videos with you as the star. P.S. My goal as always is to help small businesses bring back 100 billion dollars in lost revenue by implementing my small business marketing tips. Please repost tweet plus 1 and comment so that small business is connected with you can benefit from this information as well. Together we can hash tag save Main Street. Thank you. All right. What do you guys think. Somebody just joined me. Thank you Ira. What did you guys think. Did you like this. Was it helpful. Give me some Kermit's. Is your back against the wall. Do you need help. Well I'd like to ask you do as I'm learning this whole thing and how it all works. We're going to do is we're going to post it. All right. We're going to ask you Cheryl to retweet it to help others. You'll also go. I want you to go to my Facebook group my Facebook group is called Small Business Facebook group. You may have your request and you want it because it's a close community but if you're following me here I'm going to let you in. My buddy said is also watching CNN and is my ambassador my goodwill ambassador over at the Facebook group and we'll welcome you with open arms. And if you spend the group and try to post your crap he's going to kick you out because that's what sand does. All right because we don't allow crap we allow good camaraderie. We we we we like to share best practices will gain from other others experiences. We don't want to buy Viagra at a discount. Don't post your crap in my book in my group. All right. If you come and you participate in Europe good citizen we welcome you and Santa will welcome you with open arms. All right. Well I just got the Perry Marshall. Return to us. C Paris good market for Perry Marshall. All right so all the best. Small Business Marketing Group which is at Facebook groups slash best small biz best small biz be busy right. Or you can get there with Zappa can we write this down for you. I've got a sampling for you. OK. Zap Zap link is my own personal Sure. Short you are l shorter right. You are shorter. OK. OK check this out. Zap the link that you ask Slash b b b f b g. OK. So Zabulon that you have. B b b b c that's my Facebook group you can come join me there. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to post the blog post. I have some work to do on it. I want to get it a little more I got to find some good graphics. Optimize it. All right so probably we'll get up sometime later today and then join the discussion. Give me your feedback has your back ever been against the wall. Maybe it's against the wall right now. How will you benefit from this information. Hey what have you done in the past that's worked for you. This isn't the only way. It's just that it's just a way that's worked for me and works for me over and over and over again. So if your backs against the wall if you've ever experienced that thing then I know you're going to benefit from this. And I want to ask you to help me make this thread popular. That's going to help as many people as possible. All right. I'm going to close out this scope. This is really my first go here have made it part of my rainmaker series because I love the rainmaker series. I welcome her purpose as loving parents go. Thank you. Dad you are definitely going to ask. OK. Give me some quick feedback before it closes out. Did you like this. If you like it I'll do more. But I also want to do more if you like it. And it was going to benefit us. And if you don't mind you might see me in the morning before I shower when I mess. You were absolutely sure my messy office the studio behind me just made me look amateurish. Dora looked him straight with the other hand you know what. Taking perfect action. Right. Right. So is this OK. You guys like seeing me this way you don't often see me this way. What do you think. You don't often see me that is right by the way. Here's my humidor. There's my human war over there. OK. But we don't smoke in the house. We smoke outside and I'm not outside. I'm in my messy office. Give me some feedback give me some hard to give me some feedback. And you like this is a benefit to you. I want to close it down in about 45 seconds in the 45 seconds give me a little attaboys. Give me the feedback that I love so I know if you like it turn off the fan. I know I know but you know what. I can't turn off the fan. It's deadly in here. The fans are so sorry about that. Maybe I can lower this lower it with my lower I might even turn it off. All right. I'll consider any other thing. Maybe what I should do is open the window of course we're in Austin Texas or is it only 98 degrees right now at 8 o'clock in the morning. Right. Like that's going to help me. Yeah. We'll do something about the thing and maybe I'll get another fan over here that doesn't do that but kind of cools me from there that will do. That's a good suggestion. All right. Well we will address the fan problem. It looks like it's going to cut off my head. All right. All right folks. We'll see you later. Join the discussion passes around Sharon. Follow me follow Twitter follow me on Facebook follow me Google Plus just follow me commodiously Rosenberger com read your free book back in blueprint and build big. Because God can give you one more hour one more Aleksei one more. Bill Bill's bill. Big Biz dot com. That's where you can get your FREE copy of the back and blueprint. All right here's a little love. Here's a little information for you. If you do this if you want to see how I view it if you want to see you want to see whether or not you're a fighter looks like right when you do that as you're built the best outcome and you claim your free book. Guess what happens afterwards. You can land on one of my I'll give you a fighter so you'll see exactly how I do it. And if you choose you you can complete it. If that's of interest to you and not that's ok also. But at least if you want to see it you can see it over there. All right. So those are in the future. This is this we've been following lately. I'm going to demonstrate this. I'm going to demonstrate for you my pocket you're all right. And how that works so well. All right that's it everybody. Have a great day. Thank you so much. And the response looks like it's been pretty good. So look for another rainmaker coming up soon. Great. Everybody Steve Rosenbaum. We will see you later. Have a great day. Bye bye.