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Professional personal branding: Brand yourself to become a top 1% influencer and grow through personal branding.

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  • Use personal branding to create a self-branded business and gain financial independence
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English [Auto] In this video let's talk about the really exciting stuff. What makes really good money because that's what we're after in the end. Right. Of course there's passion. There's helping people. But at the end of the day it's your job it's your job. You need to make good money from your job so you can keep doing your job well. Really. One thing that works in class is best being best in class of anything. OK. If you're in the NBA what is the disparity between the first player and the last player a world of difference. Same thing everywhere else. You write a book that's legitimately highly selling book maybe the 1000 top selling books on Amazon that maybe in the top 2000 selling books on Amazon. That book makes good money. OK. That book can get you traffic to your cochain to other things as well. But that book is immensely hard to write courses same thing. Let's say you're on the. How hard is it to make a course that legitimately like sells like for ten or twenty thousand dollars a month. You better believe that there's an incredible amount of work and experience many types of experience experience of selling courses except experience of making course of the experience and your course topic promoting courses. Oh boy it's hard. And that pyramid remember that pyramid you got to insure a way to the top. But when you're at the top it's not linear. The results are exponential. So being legitimately best in class are one of the very few people who are best in class that they are my friends. That works really really well. Now one thing when you are best in class people follow you. People want to get more from you. They want to get your insider information because boy your inside information is really valuable if somebody can use your secrets how you can make twenty or thirty thousand or $40000 a month or maybe more and they can actually use your template. Your blueprint legitimately. Yeah. They'll follow that right. And so you can sell subscriptions and membership sites subscriptions are fantastic because people just sometimes don't even unsubscribe. Maybe it's $49 a month or $99 or $19 doesn't matter. You get a lot of people subscribing and not unsubscribing. You know just make sure your turn is not bad and you just keep accumulating subscriptions each month. And it's a very predictable good long term business because one person if they buy something for x amount that's fine. But but a subscriber buys X amount of times a year. Monthly right. And if they never you know next year that's 24 times in five years it's a lot of money. What if they never subscribe. That's a tremendous amount of money you can make from a single person next engaged built audience usually on e-mail doesn't have to be e-mail can be a podcast listenership. YouTube viewership blog readership as low but it's really really really important that they're super super engaged. They're not there. OK. But if they are engaged if you're able to engage them it works almost like a subscription where you can continuously reengage them and continuously sell them things or promote things. So it's the whole thing in common that they has with its description is that you can regularly make money from the same people by giving them more and more of value. They win you really win. Or hopefully they really will. One other thing that people don't really know there is a B2B side potential to be side to a self branded business because a self branded business typically is a content driven business. There's a lot of things you produce and maybe it's books maybe it's courses you can license out that you know that you can license out your books and courses or videos or articles or things you've written. You can either begin writing or creating content for a very large company that's going to pay you a lot of money. I've had one company had me create a course for $5000. It took me a basic course. It took me like couple of days paid $5000 didn't even negotiate. In fact they offered. I wish there was much more like that but that you know so big companies if you're big brand big companies will come to you because you represent the big brand and they want to hire you and they'll pay premium. OK. So either they'll pay you to create totally new content or they're just license your existing content to resell because licensing is easier cheaper usually to build than building new ones because licensing takes less time because the contents already built. And you just have to get on top of your food chain so that you'll be the one they come to. Now when Also you are somebody that people want to follow the footsteps of you can sell premium coaching programs that are long term programs three months six months maybe more and help meet with people weekly or monthly or daily or instead of a one on one coaching you can set up group coaching. So maybe one on one coaching can be a little bit pricey for people. So instead of one on one coaching what's it's called mastermind groups. And instead of Mastermind groups were then they kind of lead the groups. But at the same time instead of somebody paying you like $5000 for a coaching program somebody can pay you $100 for it for them for being a part of a mastermind. But there may be 10 people in the master mind. So you still get a reasonable amount of money without the tremendous amount of work. But that's if you can get five or ten people who want to be a part of the master mind. So the masterminds and the one on one coaching those are also often fantastic strategies that you can use to make a significant amount of money. And by the way these are not mutually exclusive. These are all things you can do at the same time. So this business when you get into this upper echelon of your niche. That's why it's so important to be in a niche so that you can really have a strategy to get to the top of your niche when you're the top at top of your food chain. Then imagine all of these working together. I mean maybe your book is making 5000 bucks a month of course making pittance but fifteen thousand bucks a month your membership site making $5000 a month. Your email is you can tell that sell them all your new things your content license you make making one to ten thousand dollars a month depending on you know whatever your opinion coaching programs. Not a lot of time you have to ask really but five ten fifteen thousand dollars a month from just a few clients especially the one on one coaching and maybe one or two thousand dollars a month or $500 a month from the masterminds together add that. There's no reason there's no reason when you're clicking on all cylinders. And I forgot to mention here speaking engagements people pay you to fly out somewhere for a couple of days pay you a few thousand dollars. It's happened to me. So that all my friends that can make you if you add it all up. Imagine that's a million dollars a year. A million dollars a year is just $80000 $86000 monthly. And if you add this up you're not that far and you just you know just like you made one book you can make a second book. Just like the main one course you can take a second course Third Course fourth course at different coaching programs maybe hire a few other coaches to coach you know to send your clients to hire a team to do more marketing for you get more clients and then boom you're you know once this business gets on a roll it's hard to get it off for all because guess what. Because precisely because now you have such low overhead so few expenses and such incredible salary then you can start hiring literally out of your pocket full time as the person that has good full time social media marketing person who's good another full time person who's going to do a whole bunch of your dirty work that you don't want to do. People to answer e-mails right. And then you only have a few employees. But boy do they put their effort into your business full time. Oh my God. Do they grow your business. And then he says it's not even 1 million and it's like you really get to the upper echelons of even you get to the 1 percent of the top coaches. Right. Because then you out market all the coaches you control all the real estate on all the popular marketing programs channels and then you're just killing it. Right. And then you you really really yourself get to the very next levels of coaching and expand your niche. That's where you big you start to expand your niche compete with bigger fish and then you don't know but you might get into the few million dollars a year 10 million dollars a year bigger and bigger knishes push out other thought leaders or not even maybe not push out but also stand next to them. And so this business potentially is really easy to business to do. I mean you're not laying bricks you're not having to commute very comparatively easy business. There's a very clear path how to do it. And there is no reason that with smart and correct and hard work there's no reason you can't get there yourself.