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How To Master Pen Tool In Illustrator and Photoshop

Pen Tool : How To Master Pen Tool In Illustrator and Photoshop Most effective ways of using the pen tool in Photoshop

02:05:49 of on-demand video • Updated November 2016

  • Use the Pen Tool to create complex shapes
  • Create paths and shapes with the Pen Tool in Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Add Remove Anchor Points with the Pen Tool in Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Constrain Path Creation
  • Create Smooth Paths
  • Use direction handles to create complex shapes with ease
  • Convert Anchor Points
  • Use the arc and the pencil tools
  • Make selections out of shapes in Photoshop
  • Save and load selections in Photoshop
  • Make selections with the Freeform Pen Tool
English Now let's learn some alternatives to the pen to let's see let's discover two tools that can actually produce better results than the panel. So the first one is that the arc tool and the Arkell's sits right here with the line segments. So if I just click on it just like that and start click and Dragon You can see that we are creating an arc just like that. And of course while dragon or we can simply move our mouse around and create a world like free in a free form like a free hand arc just like that. Of course we can hold on the shift key to constrain the arc just like that. And the other important important thing to know when creating the art is is the use of the F key on the keyboard because whenever you press the F key on the keyboard you will flip. You will flip the arc just like source on. Right now I'm pressing the key to flip the art to make it look good the way and the way I really want . So I'm going to create a knot that's going to look something like that. Let's leave it like that. And in order to continue creating Creedon this path segment I can simply click on there on the anchor point and create and create an Arik just like that. And this then I'm going to flip it just like so and maybe and it's somewhere here of course. Also the advantage of creating a shape like this one the with the arc tool is that we can still use that direction handles. If I simply put the direct selection tool select like this anger point right here I can manipulate this direction handle to make this path segment look something like this. But the disadvantage of this of this technique of using the arc tool is that we cannot with the arc to connect like these two Boerum anchor points and to in order to to connect them we would have to select all these guys and press control J actually twice in this case to connect these anchor points right here. These top right anchor points and these bottom anchor points. Now just like that. But that's not actually all about about the the arc tool. It's it's actually more powerful that that it looks. Then again it's a humble humble looks would indicate in the next video we're actually going to discover some more options that you can use when creating arcs with the ark. So the basic principle when creating like arcs or smooth the past segments with the arc tool is to simply click and drag and press the AFT in order to flip the arc just like so just like that. And of course you can always press down the Shift key to constrain the proportions to , to, to keep it to keep the arc constrained just like that. So in the next video as promised we are going to talk about some more options that you can set when you are creating arcs inside illustrator