Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals - Studio Basics

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Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals - Studio Basics

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Australian born, Heidi Willis is an entirely self-taught Natural History watercolour artist. Her work intricately illustrates our native and exotic plants, flowers, fruits and seed capsules, whilst her powerful & distinctive portraits of our spectacular bird life offers viewers an insight into the world as she experiences it. Heidi quickly established herself as one of Australia’s emerging artistic talents, and her reputation as a leading natural history, wildlife and botanical artist is now well established. Her meticulous and intricate studies of botany and birds can be found in significant public and private collections around the world.

Heidi’s work has featured in prominent national and international exhibitions, collections and publications over her career, and she is also a freelance illustrator for Australian Geographic Magazine. Other highlights include The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize six times to date (South Australian Natural History Museum) Focus On Nature (New York State Museum) Botanica and The Margaret Flockton Award (Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney) Her work is held in the permanent collections such as the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation (PA, USA) and the highly regarded The Shirley Sherwood Collection. Her work has also been featured in several publications, most significantly Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, Craft Arts Magazine, Colophon, SA Life, International Artist Magazine, Artist's Palette Magazine and Australian Geographic Magazine multiple times over, with her work featured on the front cover of Artist’s Palette Issue 123. 

With her work now in such demand and her watercolour masterclasses booked out over a year in advance, she has turned her focus to online teaching in order to answer the many painting questions she is asked daily, and to reach and help more people pursue and achieve their own watercolour goals. As requested, the first tutorial to be released is 'Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals - Studio Basics' This tutorial endeavours to address many of your watercolour questions, and it is the starting point for further painting and learning with Heidi. 

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Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals - STUDIO BASICS

This foundation tutorial will help you understand essential work+studio basics for realistic watercolour and botanicals

03:07:56 of on-demand video • Updated August 2016

Understand sound studio, materials and technique basics needed to create realistic watercolour and botanical paintings
Learn about materials so you understand what to purchase... don't waste money on the wrong things!
Learn how to improve your environment, approaches and results of your own work
Build practical strategy towards successful outcomes
Feel confidence in yourself by getting the right information
Prepare yourself for my subsequent 'hands on, step by step' tutorials
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Hi, everybody, my name is Heidi Willis, and I'm a renowned botanical and natural history artist with many years of experience in the finance industry behind me. I have a successful career. I am highly proficient in my medium, and I have a proven track record for my work as a tutor. I am so excited to be here with you today. I'd like to welcome you to the space, introduce my work and myself to you and share my knowledge with you on this incredible platform here today. I look forward to getting to know you all so much better. Have you always loved watercolor, but you were never really sure where to get started in this process, or have you got some experience in watercolor? But you're looking to find some sound advice and guidance on how to grow and develop your techniques and skills and knowledge beyond where you currently sit. Well, let me show you how watercolor is such a beautiful medium. I want to welcome you to this space today, and I invite you to join me in my online painting tutorials. This is a space where you will discover how you can create watercolor paintings that make you feel proud. So let's just get started.