Seashells and the beach.

Nicola A Blakemore
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Lecture description

Summer on the beach.

For many people a trip to the beach is a must during the summer. Play with the sand, shadow, seashells and other accessories for you painting.

I decided to set off the painting of the shell by putting some contrasting paper behinds it.


Photo of the finished card.

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Watercolor paint fun & easy GREETING CARDS for all occasions

Fun for the eager painter who wants cut spending by painting original cards for family & friends. About 10 minutes each.

02:38:28 of on-demand video • Updated September 2020

  • Students will gain the confidence to paint their own cards.
  • Students will be able to paint quick and simple pictures.
  • Students will learn to stop overthinking the subject.
  • Students will learn to relax and not take their painting too seriously.
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