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Oracle: The Complete SQL Guide + Cert. (Dumps: 1Z0-061/ 071)

Master Oracle SQL: from Beginner to an "Oracle Certified SQL Developer" Ninja for a great and exciting Career ahead..

08:37:54 of on-demand video • Updated January 2019

  • Be a SQL Ninja by understanding how the Oracle Database works through the usage of 100+ Lectures with 10+ Hours Content.
  • Develop the understanding of relational Database terminology.
  • Learn and master the concepts of SQL (Structured Query Language), Table creation, Data Retrieval Language (DQL/ DRL) which includes real time scenarios based on the usage of operators, functions, clauses and many more...
  • Gaining the deep understanding of Integrity Constraints, Pseudo columns, Joins and Queries to quickly become a Database developer.
  • Controlling user access and Database security using requisite SQL commands.
  • Dealing with other database objects (VIEWS, INDEXES, SEQUENCES, SYNONYMS) using the SQL commands.
  • Understanding the OLAP features and achieving a high degree of data concurrency through LOCKS.
  • Understanding the Data Manipulation Language, Transaction Control Language and Data Definition Language.
  • Project has been created to pursue a test driven approach by make use of Oracle Database Integration with Spring and Hibernate frameworks.
  • Pass the Oracle SQL Certification Examination through deep dive of the above discussed concepts.
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