Practice 2 Create Oracle 12c R1 Two-Node RAC Database Part 1 of 4

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Lecture description

In this practice you will create an Oracle 12c R1 two-node RAC database on the virtual machines that you created in the previous practice.

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  • Understand Oracle RAC database architecture
  • Install and create Oracle 12 RAC administrator-managed and policy-managed database
  • Perform administration tasks on Oracle RAC
  • Manage backup and recovery in Oracle RAC
  • Understand the Global Resource Management
  • Monitor and tuning Oracle RAC databases
  • Create and manage Dynamic Database Services
  • Implement Connection Load Balancing and TAF
  • Understand and test Application Continuity
  • Apply Patch sets on Oracle RAC
  • Upgrade Oracle RAC database
  • Create and manage Oracle RAC One Node database
  • Create and manage an Oracle RAC CDB database
  • Manage database server pools in Clusterware
  • Understand Oracle Flex Clusters
English [Auto] Hi everybody and welcome to the longest and the most important to practice lecture in the course in this practice you will create an article that will see our one to know and track databases to accomplish this target. You will perform the following carry out or as preparation steps in install grid infrastructure software create is in groups install Oracle database software and create the Oracle database. In the end of the practice you will also learn how to perform the following. Make a copy of that practice environment. Virtual machines for every location start up and shut down or a Cadillac Debbies and get to the Enterprise Manager database experience working in the machine. In this section of the practice you will perform some steps in the machines to get them ready for the installation. That the slide shows the Oracle track database architecture that you will create in practice observe that the first shared disk in the shared this group will be assigned to save the OSI and the voting files. That's why it's named as C R S many D is prefered to name it. Or C you can get up any name you wish. The second this code will be used to save the database data files and the last. This will be used to save the fast recovery area. If a in this section of the practice you sick the O S environment variables in the Oracle software user own profiles in a position logon is Arvi one and is Arvi to as Oracle user and set the required or environment variables that it performs as shown in the practice document. That would make a backup of the kind of fight create a new file and paste the code in it would do just the same. Is easy to. This is out of the window. Remember we me its font color light green in the bash profile file of the Oracle account in its Arvie to change the value assigned to this ID from Iraq one to Iraq to obey the file and fix the article ID in it. Indetermined incisions connected to s are the one that is. Are we to switch to good users then set the environment variables in the good news or a profile in the bash profile of the grid account in. Are we to change the value assigned to Oracle. Is ID from. Plus it's in one. Two plus is two in it's RV one end is Arvie to switch to the user route and set the resources limits for the software installation. Ownerless at the moment it's already set for Oracle user. You need to set the same for that grid user. You need to do the same steps in it is free to machine is Arvie one is Arvie to set. Then I'm part of a process is a user can we create two 2048 in the Otakon virtual box window logging as it did to Arvie one and that and the install utility from the grid installation for them. If you are already logged on to the machine source the bash profile file before you invoke the installer that stooging for that is not correct in the code. I have to change the directory to the correct staging for this is that correct staging call that in my machine my responses to that and the store windows are documented in the practice document in the first window you select install and configure Oracle to get it infrastructure for a cluster and they click on NEXT button. In the cluster type window make sure the first option is selected and then click on NEXT button. The installation type Sinixt advanced installation keep the language to English and click on NEXT button. Set the cluster name scan name and this can port number the cluster name is Iraq. This guy's name is on the hyphenates can and this number is the default port number because we define the machine names and IP addresses. It's typically in the hosts file and we don't have a DNS server. We cannot use the DNS service and Mark configured is checkbox click on Add button and add that is Arvi to machine to the list. You have to enter the public hostname and the virtual hostname click on s s h connectivity button and enter the password for Oracle user. Click on setup button. Click on this button. The test is successful. It select Puplick for it 0 private for each one and do not use for it to make sure that use standard is enforced today. Option is selected and click on NEXT button. Click on change. Discovery path button. And instead of that this discovery path sick that group name to see is that redundancy to external keep the location unit size to one in. And Mark this one. Then click on NEXT button. But find the same password for the system users. In my case I set Oracle as that password. Make sure do not use intelligent platform management interface is selected and the click NEXT button. We don't have Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. So just click on NEXT button. Keep the selected groups as they appear in the screen and click on NEXT button. Don't change that installation location. Keep them as they are those values taken from the variables. Click on NEXT button. You don't have to change anything over here just to click on NEXT button. Mark the option automatically and configuration scripts then enter that would pass what the verification takes some time. The Wernicke's that appear in that screen can be ignore physical memory. The device checks for him and the task resolve to confer integrity in the live scenario shouldn't be ignored. But in our environment it's fine to go ahead if you receive other warnings check their details resolve the issue and click on trick again button. Select ignore all option and click on NEXT button. Click on Install button. When the installation reaches to about 80 percent in it's progress you will receive this message click on yes button while the script is running. The Brookgreen spod does not pass that 84 percent value. Do not consider this as a good status. It takes some time and it will eventually finish in the end of the installation. You will receive the error as shown in the screen. The log files has details of the error causes the following causes can be safely ignore any error related to sufficient physical memory is not available and they're not sufficient to swap size is not available on the node. The group of device disquiet does not match the expected group and an attempt to get information from the node. All of those errors can be safely ignored. What we have to do in our case is to click on OK button click OK button then yes button and you are done. In RV one use the command C R S C to illustrate the source minus T to check the status of running a class that way resources. State of all the resources should be online as you can see the resources there to stay online. You can also have an idea about the resources that managed by the class where we have the listener. We have the clunky utility we have the IP and also we have an internal management database e.g. in TB ensured that all the cluster services are up and running in all the cluster nodes in real life scenarios. You own was advised to apply the latest patch set the grid software home straight away after installing it. You will learn how to apply a PSU Oracle to get it infrastructure little in the course.